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"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams."
-Ronald Dahl
The Eagle Theatre Company is a first-class educational environment that serves as the ultimate creative incubator for the next generation of artists, thinkers and leaders in theatre and performance.
Our department is dedicated to balancing high–quality productions and performance work with rigorous academic study. We average five to six productions annually, with additional fine arts related activities and fundraisers. The development of a student's creativity, imagination, and work ethic is a high priority.
The faculty, staff, and students in partnership with the school, parents, and community will strive to meet the individual creative and academic needs of these students. Through innovative, dynamic, and rigorous theatre curricula, students will develop great opportunities for postsecondary education and the workforce.


Head Director - David Goza
Musical Theatre Director - Byron Holder-Lane ​​​​​​​
Technical Theatre Director - Luis Salazar
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Theatre students performing a scene from Evita


Acting students focus on the development of performance skills through the study of theatre from the perspective of a variety of different cultures, styles, and approaches. Students explore performance as well as theatre literature, historical and cultural connections. Emphasis is placed on ensemble and collaboration in the creative process.
Theatre 1
Theatre 2
Theatre 3
Theatre 4
Theatre Production 1
Theatre Production 2
Theatre Production 3
Theatre Production 4
Stage Choreography 1
Stage Choreography 2
Stage Choreography 3
Stage Choreography 4

Technical Theatre

Technical theatre students develop skills in both the design and implementation of the technical components of theatre, and grow student portfolios of their work. This includes publicity, sets, costumes, management, construction,  resentation skills, lighting, sound, stage rigging, and more, each advanced though research combined with hands on
Technical Theatre 1
Technical Theatre 2
Technical Theatre 3
Technical Theatre 4

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre gives students the opportunity to develop dance, voice, and acting skills in combination as they study this collaborative theatre art. No prior experience is necessary but students who have participated in dance, drama, or choir programs
in the past will find that musical theatre courses are a great way to continue to grow their abilities.
Musical Theatre 1
Musical Theatre 2
Musical Theatre 3
Musical Theatre 4

International Thespian Society

ITS Logo
The International Thespian Society is an honor association for theatre students that is recognized around the globe. The mission of I.T.S. is to honor student excellence in the theatre arts. Members earn points towards honor awards through their participation in theatre productions, showcases, and competitions. Students who participate in I.T.S. Troupe 5710 at Rowlett High School attend and compete in district and state festivals and contribute to the overall success of the theatre program at Rowlett both during and after school. Students are not required but are highly encouraged to become I.T.S. members, and membership is open to any Rowlett High School student dedicated to theatre arts and who meets the I.T.S. requirements.

How to become an ITS Member 

Points System
  • You must earn at least 10 THESPIAN points
  • Pay a one time fee of $30.00
  • Continue to earn at least 10 points each year 
  • You must participate in all productions in some capacity
  • You are eligible to become a Drama Club Officer
Induction will be at the Eagle Theatre Company Banquet in May.


I promise to uphold the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society.  I am a student of theatre and excellence is my ideal.  I promise to perform my part as well as I can; to accept praise and criticism with grace; to cooperate with my fellow Thespians and work for the good of the troupe; and to share my love of theatre.

Our Season

Our shows for the 2019-2020 season are:

The Imaginary Invalid September 5-8, 2019
The Haunting of Hill House October 24-27, 2019
Catch Me if You Can February 6-9, 2020
Badger (UIL One Play) March (TBA) 
Cinderella and the Glass Slipper (Children's Show) May (TBA) 

Our shows for the 2020-2021 season are: 

Little Women September 2020
Inherit the Wind  November 2020
Bonnie and Clyde  February 2021
UIL One Act Play (TBA)  March 2021
The Nerd April 2021
Children's Show (TBA)  May 2021