Senior release

Eligibility requirements for Senior release period

  1. Must not have more than 6 excused absences during their junior year. All absences must be excused. Remember that if you accumulate three hall sweeps this will be equivalent to an unexcused absence and will disqualify you. Additionally, you must remain qualified each semester in your senior year to keep the release period on your schedule.
  2. Must not have a discipline record, i.e., no suspensions or ISS assignments. Student cannot be on the Loss of Privilege list, that includes no unpaid fees, fines, lost textbooks, etc.
  3. Must have passed all classes up through the time of choice of subject.
  4. Must have passed all sections of the state exit test.
  5. Must have senior classification and be able to graduate in June.
  6. Must have parental approval.
  7. Must complete form (in Counselor's office) and return to counselor.


  1. The period of senior release, late arrival or early release, is not guaranteed.
  2. Senior release will only be scheduled for those 12th grade students who have met all eligibility requirements.
  3. Senior release will only be scheduled if it will fit into the student's schedule for a study hall, and elective, or a non-academic course.
  4. Student must not remain on campus during the release period.
  5. Additionally, if you receive this privilege it can be removed because of absences, grades, hallsweeps, or ISS days. At that time, you will be placed in a class.