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Come to work at our campus and become part of an award-winning district and #TheGISDEffect.  

Routh Roach Elementary School (Wranglers) is the best place for teachers. Here are some reasons why you need to apply now (limited positions available)

  1. Strong academic reputation: Routh Roach Elementary School has a reputation for academic excellence, high student achievement, and innovative teaching practices. Teachers who value working in a high-performing school belong in our professional environment.

  2. Supportive administration and staff: Positive relationships and support from school administrators and colleagues are crucial for a productive work environment. Routh Roach Elementary School is known for having a supportive administration and collaborative staff. Teachers are drawn to our school for the professional growth opportunities and a sense of belonging.

  3. Student diversity and community: Roach teachers are passionate about working with diverse student populations and fostering a sense of inclusivity. Routh Roach Elementary School serves a diverse community. Teachers who value multicultural experiences and appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students from different backgrounds are always attracted to our Wrangler family.

  4. Professional development opportunities: Teachers typically seek opportunities for professional growth and development. Routh Roach Elementary School offers comprehensive professional development programs, workshops, or other resources to support teacher learning and advancement.

  5. Positive school culture and student support: A positive school culture and strong student support systems are important for both teachers and students. Routh Roach Elementary School prioritizes creating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment for students. Teachers are motivated to work in such an environment where they can thrive professionally and make a meaningful impact on students' lives.

These are just a few general reasons why teachers choose to apply to our Routh Roach Elementary School family. It's important to note that individual preferences and priorities can vary, so it's best for you (potential teachers) to research and visit the school, speak with current staff members if possible, and assess how well the school aligns with your personal and professional goals. And lastly, we, at Routh Roach Elementary treats each stakeholder as family. Please join us and be part of our Routh Roach Elementary School family. Apply NOW!

Call for more information: (972) 926-2580

Email: Aurora Trichell

Why Choose Garland ISD

  • Competitive salaries, some of the highest in the Dallas area
  • Comprehensive benefits, including an employee assistance program and financial wellness program
  • Dedicated employee clinic with low-cost visits for non-emergency medical needs
  • Enhanced security procedures to help protect students and staff
  • All GISD teachers are provided with a laptop, docking station, and dual monitors as a district standard
  • Choice of school district with no attendance zones and a wide variety of magnet and specialized program campuses
  • Strong investment in the growth of our staff through leadership development and learner pathways
  • Extremely diverse community with more than 70 languages spoken by students
  • Project Goal, a two-year 1-on-1 mentorship program for beginning teachers
  • Children and grandchildren of nonresident employees can attend GISD schools
  • Discounted community swim passes at the GISD Natatorium