Policies & procedures

District policies

To support our mission of providing an exceptional education to all students, we have created policies designed to help your student have the best possible education experience.

Visit the Policies page on the district website for additional polices and related information.

Attendance and tardies

  • School door for students open at 7:30 a.m.

  • Classes beginning at 8:10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

  • Tutoring from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00, Monday to Thursday. 

  • Students arriving between 8:15 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. will be considered tardy.  The data clerk will enter student tardy into the Skyward system and they will be given a note to take to their teacher, if they they go to class without the tardy slip, they will be sent back to the office.

  • Students who arrive between 8:21 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. are considered partially absence.  These students should check in through the office and will be given a note to take to their teacher, if they they go to class without the tardy slip, they will be sent back to the office.

Dress code information

Standardized dress is clothing that meets a particular description, but can be made by the company of your choice.  Any brand is fine as long as no logos or brand names are visible.

Is intended to:

  • Teach students grooming and hygiene.
  • Create and maintain a respectful and positive learning environment.
  • Prevent the disruption, interference with, or detraction from the educational environment and school activities.
  • Minimize health and safety hazards. If students do not abide by the dress code, the student may be subject to disciplinary consequences.

 2023-2024 GISD dress code

General clothing description   

  • Polo shirts and sweaters (white, red, navy blue) without a logo.
  • Pants, skirts, shorts, or dresses (khaki, navy blue) - knee length.
  • Only closed toe shoes. No crops.
  • Monday - Thursday: Uniform
  • Friday - any Routh Roach t-shirt with blue jeans.
  • First Thursday of the month - college t-shirt with jeans
  • Report card day: spirit t-shirt with jeans
  • Jeans should be plain blue, no sparkles, no patches, nor should be ripped

Hallway rules and expectations:

  • Students walk with their hands behind their back facing forward.
  • Students are at voice level 0 while in the hallway.
  • Students stop at every stop sign.
  • Students sit in line during all pit stops.
  • Teacher walks behind his/her class to monitor students. He/she then joins them at each stop sign, etc.
  • Teachers and staff do not have conversations with their coworkers in the hallway, and do not discuss any student in the hallway (or any common area). 

Procedures for cafeteria

Goal:  To ensure that all students eat in a safe and timely manner.

Teachers walk students to cafeteria line. Students talk at Voice level 1 while waiting outside the cafeteria line, Voice level 0 while inside the serving line. Students should have in mind the selections that they would like in grades 2-5.  Students eat while sitting on the bench facing the table using Voice level 1. They will raise their hand and wait for an adult if they need assistance.  When finished, students check their area for trash and walk to the trashcan one time. Students may leave cafeteria with permission only and may go through the lunch line one time only with their class.                                                                                      


All visitors to the building must report to the school office and have their IDs scanned using the Raptor system. Everyone who checks in at the front office will be given a name tag. Any person in the building without a name tag will need to be politely directed back to the office. If  have problems with parents who regularly come to  classroom without a name tag, please notify the principal or assistant principal. Everyone needs to be consistent with this policy, even if the person is a volunteer/parent that we know well.  This is for the safety of everyone in the building.  Anyone will be escort in the building without a GISD badge or visitor sticker to the front office.  All persons who are not students or staff shall be required to use the main building entrance located at the front west double doors and are required to check in at the office.  This includes the visitors, parents, vendors, and independent contractors who do not have badge access.


We have many parents who want to be a part of our school through volunteer opportunities.  Volunteers are available for help in the clinic, library, resource room, and classrooms. Involve parents on a regular basis to help strengthen the partnership between school and home.  All volunteers over the age of 18 must have a volunteer application on file in the school office. All volunteers must sign in and will be given a name tag.  Volunteers should not have access to private students’ information, including graded papers, test scores, behavior sheets, etc.  

School supplies

School-parent compact

Online Student Services requests

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If you have additional questions, please contact the campus data clerk:

Dora Gaitán

972-926-2580 Ext 42750