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School supplies

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Kindergarten supply list

Quantity Description
1 supply box
2 large boxes of facial tissue
1 pair of metal 5” school scissors, pointed
2 24 ct. Crayola Crayons
1 8 ct. Crayola original Formula Markers, thick
1 8-count Crayola washable watercolor paints
10 pencils, #2 lead
1 pkg. 12” by 9” manila paper
2 polypropylene pocket folders
2 boxes of wet wipes (please no cylinder containers)
2 soft pink erasers
20 small glue sticks (no glue bottles)
1 Primary Journal notebook (see picture)
3 reams/500 count of white copy paper



8oz. bottles of hand sanitizer
2 dry erase markers for student use
1 box of sandwich sized baggies (Girls)
1 box of gallon sized bags (Boys)

Please be aware that your child may need more crayons, markers, pencils, or glue sticks during the year. Back to school prices make this the time to buy them and stock up!

First Grade supply list

Quantity Description
1  Large Zipper Supply Bag
3  Spiral notebooks, 70 pages each (red, blue, green)
2  Plastic folders with pockets and brads (red, blue, green)
2  Boxes of facial tissue
1  5” scissors
1  packages of 12 small glue sticks
3  Boxes of #2 pencils (24 count, sharpened)
2  Large pink erasers
2  Boxes of crayons, 24 only (Crayola brand preferred)
4  Packages of paper for the printer/copier
1  Box of baggies – Boys/Gallon size, Girls/Sandwich size
1  Bottle of hand sanitizer, clear and unscented
1  Container of WET ONES or Clorox Wipes
1  Composition Book
2  Writing tablets
1  Roll of paper towels
2  Package of Thick Black Dry Erase markers


Second Grade supply list

Quantity Description
1 supply box or zipper bag that will hold all supplies
4 70 page spirals blue, red, yellow, green
2 plastic folders w/two pockets and brads in the center (any colors)
1 composition notebook for science (any color)
2 large boxes of tissue
1 pair of pointed metal scissors
10-12 glue sticks
1 box of #2 lead pencils (24 count) No mechanical pencils
2  boxes of 24 crayons (to last all year)
1 box of map pencils (12) w/pencil sharpener (needs case) for colored pencils
1 box of markers (8 count/washable)
1 package of 12x18 Manila paper
2 reams of white copy paper
1 box of Ziploc bags (girls bring sandwich size; boys bring gallon size)
1 package of Clorox/Lysol wipes
1  package of paper towels

Third Grade supply list

Please no rolling backpacks or binders allowed. (We don’t have room for them.)

Quantity Description
1 Large zippered bag for supplies
4 70 count spiral notebooks (wide, not college rule: red, blue, yellow, green)
4 plastic/poly folders with pockets (red, blue, yellow, green)
1 100 page wide ruled composition book for science
3 large box Kleenex
1 pair of pointed, metal scissors
1 4oz. bottle of school glue
6 glue sticks
24 #2 lead pencils, NO mechanical pencils please!
2 medium pink erasers
1 box of at least 24 crayons
1 box map pencils (12 count)
1 box of washable markers
1 8 ct washable water color paints with brush
3 reams of white copy paper
2 dry erase markers
1 container of disinfecting wipes (Lysol or Clorox)
2 rolls of paper towels
1 pkg of baby wipes
1 Ziplock bags (gallon, quart, or sandwich)

Fourth Grade supply list

Quantity Description
1 zipper binder
4 Composition books
1 plastic zippered pencil bag
2 large boxes Kleenex
1 pair pointed, metal scissors
1 box colored pencils
8 glue sticks
1 Box of #2 lead pencils
1 Pencil sharpener with cover
2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
2 red checking pens/pencils
2 medium pink eraser
1 package 9” x 12” Manila drawing paper (Boys)
1 pack of multicolored construction paper (Girls)
2 reams of white copy paper
1 box of Clorox wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
4 pack of thin dry erase markers
1 pack of lined index cards (boys)
1 Ziplock sandwich bags (girls)
2 Yellow highlighters

Fifth Grade supply list

Quantity Description
1 Trapper Keeper type 3 ring binder with zipper closure
1 pair of pointed scissors
2 rolls of paper towels
3 boxes of Kleenex tissue
1 12 count sharpened #2 pencils or a package of mechanical pencils
1 Personal pencil sharpener with shavings case
2 red checking pens or pencils
4 oz. bottle of washable glue
2 large or 4 small glue sticks
1 pink eraser
1 12 count box of full length colored pencils
1 24 count box of crayons
1 8 count box of washable markers classic colors
1 supply box or bag
2 packages of wide ruled notebook paper
1 package of dividers with tabs and pockets
3 spiral notebooks  1 subject (100 pages)
1 composition book
2 personal dry erase markers (any color)
4 packages of white copy paper
1 bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer gel
1 box of quart size baggies (Girls only)
1 box of gallon size baggies (Boys only)
1 pair of personal earbuds for classroom use
1 package of 12x18 manila paper (girls)
1 package of 9x12 construction paper (boys)