Global Business Language & Leadership Magnet

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This is an amazing magnet program that provides students with integral 21st century skills. Here are some links to check out even more information: 


  1. English Magnet and choice process
  2. Spanish Magnet ad choice process
  3. 8th grade English continuation video
  4. 8th grade Spanish continuation video
  5. GBL English webinar video
  6. GBL Spanish webinar video
  7. GBL promo video

The GBL program offers: 

  • An understanding of business, marketing, and/or finance within a global context
  • A more attractive academic resume when applying to colleges
  • Business preparation courses for high school, college and career
  • Encouragement for students to be bilingual or multilingual
  • Students the opportunity to develop information technology skills to prepare for completing the Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications in high school
  • Leadership development through community service, portfolios, global business organizations, and business competitions
  • Challenge Based Learning activities that connect the class learning to real world applications

The middle school program offers:

  • Magnet cohort classes with real world collaborative learning and leadership development
  • Mandarin Chinese classes
  • Business Professionals of America Career & Technical Student Organization


The following are possible course options for business magnet students.

7th Grade

  • Mandarin Chinese I
  • Career Portals for Business Administration & Management, Finance and Marketing (one semester, can be taken in 8th grade)

8th Grade

  • Mandarin Chinese II
  • Business and finance courses that provide high school credit. 

Program recognitions if continued through high school graduation

  • Graduation cord
  • Graduation certificate
  • Academic patch for letter jacket
  • Distinction of program on letters of recommendation

Qualification criteria

  • 50th Percentile plus on reading/math achievement tests
  • Must be passing all subjects on report card
  • Must pass all assessments on STAAR/EOC
  • No serious discipline issues

Final acceptance is determined using the qualification criteria. If more students apply than space allows, a lottery process will be used and remaining names will be placed in a waiting pool for possible future openings.

Visit the district magnet application process & timelines page for important dates and information on how to apply.