Student Leadership Magnet

The Student Leadership magnet program offers a focus on building leadership skills. Students will participate in a leadership class in 8th grade and will have built a strong foundation on community, state, country and global leadership by the time they leave Sellers. With high expectations of decorum, integrity and challenging academics, Sellers students will be prepared for endless possibilities. Skills learned in Student Leadership at Sellers will assist students when they transfer to high school.

The following are innovative aspects of this program:

  • Leadership development through community service activities and participation in Student Council, Leadership Ambassadors and Athletics Mentoring Program
  • Magnet cohort classes with real-world collaborative learning opportunities
  • Eighth grade leadership elective course that earns high school credit
    • This Texas Association of Schools Principal leadership program is designed to inspire young people to take responsibility for the future and to teach them some of the skills they will need to succeed as leaders. Through hands-on, cooperative, long-term projects, guest speakers and school/community involvement, students will be able to master and put into practice the concepts and theories of leadership.
  • Participation in the AVID program, as Sellers has been an AVID Demonstration School since 2008

Qualification criteria

  • 50th Percentile plus on reading/math achievement tests
  • Must be passing all subjects on report card
  • Must pass all assessments on STAAR/EOC
  • No serious discipline issues

Final acceptance is determined using the qualification criteria. If more students apply than space allows, a lottery process will be used and remaining names will be placed in a waiting pool for possible future openings.

Visit the district magnet application process & timelines page for important dates and information on how to apply.