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We look forward to having your student in our music programs for the 2020-21 school year.

Band Directors: John Knagg and Gary Burch



About the program

The Sellers University Shark Band program involves students that share an interest in instrumental music, creativity, and performing as a team. Students are encouraged to start band in the sixth grade as it takes time to gain proficiency on an instrument. Beginner Band is open to students in sixth and seventh grade and meets in classes of like instrument families. The beginner band classes combine for 2-3 annual concerts, and also perform each year at a festival.

Upon completing one year of beginning band students will audition for one our three upper bands:

·         Concert Band

·         Symphonic Band

·         Honors Band

Each band has a corresponding level of rigor for each student. The upper bands meet as a full group each day and perform concert band literature, pop music, and use enrichment methods to prepare them for various contests and concerts throughout the year. In addition students are challenged to participate in instrument ensembles, all-district band competition, and perform solos on their instrument.

Our hope is that band students will grow as musicians and continue on in high school.



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