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Sewell — a positive place to be!

At Sewell, teachers and staff implement routines and procedures for the school modeled on the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) model. This means we are always looking for the positive in our students! We reward those doing the right thing, encourage students to make good decisions, and give correction with compassion.

PBIS training led us to amend some school procedures from previous years  in order to best meet the goals of our campus to be a safe and positive campus. Our student enrollment has grown significantly in the past few years, thus, as the population changes, so must our approach to policies and procedures.

We have created standards and practices that are campus wide, support our students with special needs, and are consistent across all grade levels. For instance, we have specific directions for noise level and flow of movement in the hallway; we are unifying and improving dismissal procedures; and we are restructuring the organization of the cafeteria to meet the needs of all students and school behavior expectations.

As a team, Sewell staff, students, and parents are making Sewell a campus founded on positivity and compassion. If you have any questions about our routines and procedures, please contact your child's teacher. Have a wonderful year!