Special Education

Special education and support programs

Sewell has a dedicated team of professionals who work with our students that receive special education and support services. For many of our special needs students, their individualized learning programs incorporate participation in the general education setting for part or most of their day. This valuable inclusion creates a diverse and rewarding community of learners that benefits all students on campus. Sewell currently has two Adaptive Behavior and Communication (ABC) classes, one Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) Kindergarten class, a Resource program, dyslexia therapy, inclusion services, speech services, English language learner supports, and an intervention specialist. All children in Garland ISD are entitled to receive free and appropriate education that meets their educational needs. To find out more about special education in Garland, the district has detailed information available online.

Amy Woolard
Semetria Wilson
Amy Woolard   Marwa Khalaf   Sametria Wilson
ABC K-2 teacher   ABC K-2 aide   ABC K-2 aide


Anna Gibson
Tawanna McGinnis
Anna Gibson   Tawanna McGinnis 
ABC K-1 teacher   ABC K-1 aide


Belinda Katz
Amy Gonzales
      Belinda  Katz       Amy Gonzales
      ABC 3-5 teacher       ABC 3-5 aide
Deanna Donaho
Deanna Donaho   Latoya Wheeler    
CBSE teacher   CBSE teacher    
Justine Hicks
  Barbara Badillo   Justine Hicks
  CBSE teacher   CBSE aide
    Cheryl Brown   Angela Barrera  
    Diagnostician   Diagnostician aide  


Heather Cuddy
Lisa Herrera
Heather Cuddy   Lisa Herrera      
Dyslexia therapist   Dyslexia therapist      


Julie Boudreaux
Julie Boudreaux     Bridget Hale
Interventionist     Speech pathologist


Janie Campbell‚Äč
Amanda Ducharme   Janie Campbell      
Early Literacy Specialist   ELL aide