Need help with district devices? 

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For technology help with district-provided Chromebooks, mobile hotspots and iPads, see our page Technology support: Get help with district devices. There, you can find the support request form and resources for setting up and using district-provided technology.

Skyward family access

Skyward Key

Access student grades, attendance information, report cards, and more. To register, provide an email address to Betsy Godina. Your email will be entered into SKYWARD. Then, SKYWARD will email your login information to you.

Parent-teacher conferences

Parent engagement in a child’s education is important to a child’s success and parents are encouraged to meet with their children’s teachers throughout the year. Two main conferences are scheduled in the year (once in the fall and once in the spring), although, of course, your child's teacher will be in frequent contact with you throughout the year as needed. These conferences provide a scheduled opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s teacher to share information and make plans related to the child’s education, progress, accomplishments, and needs. Your child's teacher(s) will contact you with a time to meet and it is highly encouraged you attend.

Parent involvement

Please read the Sewell  Parent Handbook

We are always excited and eager for our parents and families to get involved at Sewell. Students with involved parents, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to:

  • earn high grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs
  • pass their classes, earn credits, and be promoted
  • attend school regularly
  • graduate and go on to post-secondary education

Breakfast/ Lunch Visitors

Lunch visitors will begin in September!

Parent involvement policy - English (PDF)

School Compacts: DiverseCommunity, Shared Vision, Exceptional Education

The Sewell Parent-School Learning compact is a document that outlines the commitment between parents, teachers, and students. Your child's teacher will discuss its importance and have one for you at your parent/teacher conference in the fall.


We would love to have you volunteer at Sewell.  You will need to complete the online volunteer application to get an approved background check. Plan to fill out the application several weeks before the volunteer date to allow time for processing. Visit the GISD website can give you more details on how to become an approved volunteer.

Your commitment to the Sewell teachers, students, and community is greatly appreciated! You can also visit our Sewell Volunteer page for more information.  Contact our counselor, Veronica Gutierrez, for any questions you may have.

Changing the way a student goes home & dismissal procedures

If there is a change in how a student goes home parents/guardians must write a note stating how the child/children will go home. Parents may also call the office to communicate a change in after school transportation before 2:00 p.m. Please have the child's/children's Student ID Number(s). This is used for parent verification and for their safety. Students will not be allowed to change their dismissal procedures without a note or phone call from a parent.

Parents picking up in front or side parking lots are asked to remain in their cars and display the color-coded (by grade level) carpool card, and your student will be brought to you. 

Attendance makes a difference

Every day counts when it comes to learning. Being on time, ready to learn and well rested will help to make a successful day for students. Learn more


If a child is absent, a telephone call from the parent or guardian is appreciated. Within two days of returning to school, a student should bring a note explaining the reason for the absence. If no note is received, the absence automatically becomes unexcused in our attendance system. According to state guidelines, excessive absenteeism (students not in attendance for 90% of the time) may result in denial of credit for that grade level.

Reasons for excused absences:

● illness
● death in family
● certain religious holidays
● all other absences will be considered unexcused unless the principal has given prior approval.

Please be sure to have your child here each day no later than 8:00 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 8:10 a.m.

Students arriving after 8:10 a.m. will need to go to the office to check-in before going to class.


Student and staff birthdays are announced and celebrated each morning. Birthday snacks are permitted but, please, no nuts!

Anonymous Alerts®

report it speech bubble

Report bullying and other urgent student concerns quickly and anonymously to school officials with Anonymous Alerts®.

Find out more about Anonymous Alerts® and other ways to get in touch on the district share & report page.

Free medical care

Students can receive virtual doctor visits straight from the school clinic or from home. 

Sign up for Hazel Health at and
complete the Hazel Health consent form - PDF version to access these services.

Visit Health Services for additional details.

Be a Garland ISD VIP 

With a special VIP pass, community members can get free general admission to many athletic and Fine Arts events at district facilities.

Visit the Garland ISD VIP pass page for more details.

District policies

To support our mission of providing an exceptional education to all students, we have created policies designed to help your student have the best possible education experience.

Visit the Policies page on the district website for additional polices and related information.