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colonel, mascot of south garland high school

South Garland was established in 1964 and became the second high school to serve the Garland community. The Colonel was chosen as the official mascot of South Garland because "colonel" was a title of respect commonly used in the South. To be called a colonel was the greatest honor one could receive. A Colonel embodies the attributes of leadership, courage, pride, and dignity. South Garland is proud of its heritage and as the traditional saying goes, "Its great to be a Colonel"!

Coat of Arms

image of south garland's coat of arms


The South Garland Coat of Arms depicts the past, present, and future within the insignia. The upper left-hand quadrant is a replica of the A.H. Garland family seal. On the fold is a red lion with his paw resting on a shield charged with a garland. The flag at the right is the red and blue battle banner. Splitting the crest is the Garland family motto Libertas, Latin for liberty. The golden bugle in the lower left-hand segment symbolizes class espirit de corps and aggressiveness in the future. To the right burns the torch of knowledge centered by the state's Lone Star and surrounded by live oak and olive branches from the great seal of the state of Texas.

Alma Mater


Colonel Fight Song

We are the Colonels
Of South Garland High
We're here for victory tonight!

Go Colonels go!
Fight Colonels fight!
Go Colonels fight and win tonight!
Go! Fight! Win!

Honor and fame
We bring to your name
Faithful to you we will remain.

Hail the red!
Hail the blue!
Hail the red, blue and white!
And the victory will be ours tonight!

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School colors

Royal blue, red and white

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