Early College HS magnet

Crest for ECHS/PTECH

The South Garland ECHS (Early College High School) is made up of a partnership between South Garland High School and Eastfield College. This program offers students the opportunity to graduate with up to 60 college credits or an Associate's Degree for free. The South Garland ECHS students will conveniently attend courses inside a dedicated section of South Garland High School.

This allows students to experience college curriculum while participating in all of the organizations and extracurricular activities that South Garland High offers. These students will also have access to the Eastfield College campus and its resources.

The ECHS is limited to 125 students each year. This will allow students to be grouped in a small cohort to foster a tight-knit learning community. The ECHS is an extraordinary opportunity that could transform the life of your child. Students can apply for ECHS through Skyward.

Take a look at the presentations below to find out more about ECHS. You can also find additional information on our signature programs page.

Jessica Hill ECHS Principal
Jolynn Cash ECHS Coordinator/Magnet Advisor
Tracy Hernandez Lead Counselor
twitter handle:  @SGECHS

ECHS Blueprint & Benchmarks