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Attendance is imperative to ensure students’ academic success. Attendance is required to obtain and keep a parking permit, earn exemptions, qualify for senior release, and/or obtain or renew a driver’s license. Attendance also determines if a student will have loss of credit. (LOC) in one or more classes. Students who maintain perfect attendance are recognized each year. Seniors who have perfect attendance for all four years may receive a campus scholarship.


Students are expected to be on time to school and class. Students have 5 minutes’ transition time between classes and 6 minutes during lunch. Failure to make it to class will result in an office referral and consequence. Those students who arrive to class after bell has rung must report to the Tardy Kiosk and obtain a pass to enter the classroom. Students that arrive later than 20 minutes to class will be marked absent. You can see more below under Sachse High School Tardy Policy.

Loss of Credit

Loss of Credit

The Loss of Credit (LOC) list shows any student who has accumulated 5 or more absences (subject to change per semester) in a course and have fallen below the 90% compulsory attendance law. Please note Loss of credit means a student will not receive the ½ credit for the course due to too many absences. This could require the student to take the course again, even if they have a passing grade. Unfortunately, all absences (Excused, Unexcused) count toward loss of credit.

Excused Absences

Excused absences

When a student is absent for a class or for a day, one of the following is required: A note written and signed by the parents, verification provided by the doctor/dentist office, and/or a note from the agency visited or from the organization represented (court, religious holidays, university, etc.) The Attendance Office must receive notes within 3 days of the student returning to school. If it is not received within 3 days, the absence becomes an unexcused absence. FINAL DISCRETION ON EXCUSED AND UNEXCUSED ABSENCES LIES WITH THE ATTENDANCE ADMINISTRATOR AND/OR PRINCIPAL. ALL OTHER ABSENCES ARE UNEXCUSED.


Parents notes for illness may be entered online or see attendance information via their parent Skyward account. For more information about student attendance in Skyward, visit the district page for Skyward Family Access.

We can only accept six parent generated notes per semester. We can only accept these notes for the three dates following your students RETURN to school. Parent notes may be entered to cover one or two days of absence. Three consecutive days of absence require a doctor's note in order to be excused. The original of all doctor's notes must be turned in to the Attendance Office and should not be entered on-line. Notes received not meeting these requirements will be denied.

All Sachse students are allowed two personal business days a year. Juniors and Seniors are allowed two college visit days per year with proper documentation submitted to the attendance office. See attendance office for details.

Please note that any student that arrives after 7:50 AM or is signed out and picked up before 2:15 PM will be marked absent for the first or last period of the day. Also, any student who leaves campus without permission will be considered skipping and will receive consequence. All students leaving campus that are not part of work program, have courses at the GRCTC building, or early release/late arrival must sign out through attendance office.

Students who drive needing to leave campus for appointments or other personal reasons must give attendance office personnel parent authorization.

Feel free to call the Attendance Office with any questions or concerns about this process.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused Absences

Students who accrue 3 unexcused absences at any time during the school year will generate a warning letter which will be mailed home to the address on file. A phone call will be made the evening of which the warning letter was generated.

Students who accrue 10 or more unexcused absences will be subject to truancy court.

Any student who obtained an unexcused absence in any one class or more, will not qualify for exemptions at the end of the semester.

Any student, who arrives to school and is wanting to go home for illness after school has started, must be evaluated by a school nurse.


Verification of Enrollment

Students who are under the age of 18 and are wanting to apply for a Verification of Enrollment for a driving permit must request their VOE at the attendance office 24 hours in advance. Criteria for meeting a VOE is based on the 90 percent state requirement. Attendance is examined for the semester prior to application for the VOE.

Contacting the Attendance Office

For any other questions, please contact the Attendance office via email or phone: 972-414-7450 

Attendance is handled per grade level.

Class year Contact person Phone extension
Class of 2020 Miller, Betty ext. 63025
Class of 2021 Meador, Becky ext. 63022
Class of 2022 Silva, Linda ext. 63024
Class of 2023 Vuong, Katherine  ext.63023

Campus enrollment

Students must come prepared to begin or return to school.

No ripped/torn jeans/no facial piercings, etc. are allowed. Parents will also receive a copy of our dress code policy during the enrollment process with more specifics. Students must be current on all immunizations and you must have those records when you come to enroll for our school nurses to review. Also you must reside in the Sachse HS attendance zone. To verify this before beginning the enrollment process, please call 972-414-7450 and choose option 4.

The following documents are required for enrollment: 

  • Current immunizations (foreign exchange students and students enrolling from outside the state of Texas) will not be able to start school if immunizations are not current. Our nurses can help you understand what is needed so please bring all recent vaccination records during enrollment.
  • Proof of residency: considered proof is a current utility bill, lease/house contract (no phone/cable bills please). If you are currently living with another person and the proof of residency is in that person's name, both you and that person will need to sign a notarized affidavit before the student can be enrolled
  • Parent or guardian ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card (if available)
  • Prior school records: withdrawal papers; withdrawal classes/grades; most recent high school transcript; latest report card (if available); if coming from a homeschooled setting, provide homeschooled courses being taken and any credits earned from homeschooling

If your student was receiving any special program services from the previous school (e.g. Special education or 504 accommodations), you must make our office aware of this so we can assist you in these areas. Please obtain and provide these records from the prior school (ARD meetings, etc.) for our review.

Please be patient during this process. Campus enrollments take at least 30 minutes or more. 

Contact the data clerk for any additional questions. 
972-414-7450 ext 63035

Cell phones

Cell phones in a student's possession in instructional areas without teacher of record's consent will be forfeited to building administrators. If the cell phone or other electronic device is confiscated by the campus/ school district, the following retrieval procedures will be applied:

  • The cell phone or other electronic device will only be returned to the student and/or parent on Mondays and Thursdays only. For example, if the device is confiscated on a Tuesday, the device may be retrieved the following Thursday or Monday. If a device is confiscated on a Monday, the device may not be retrieved until the following Thursday or Monday.
  • If the school is closed on Monday, the device may be retrieved on Tuesday.
  • A parent may retrieve the device at any time on Mondays or Thursdays free of charge during regular business hours on the first offense. The second offense will incur a fee of $15.00.
  • A student may retrieve the device on Monday or Thursday after 2:40 p.m. A $15.00 fee will be charged if a student retrieves the device.
  • The third time a cell phone is retrieved, it will be kept for the remainder of the year.

Dress codes

Exam policies and procedures

Students who are on campus for exams must report to their classes. After exams have started, the only entrance into the building will be through the cafeteria doors. Students arriving to school for exams can enter the building 15 minutes before the next period begins through the cafeteria doors. Once students are completely finished with their exams for the day, they will have 10 minutes to leave the building/parking lot after the dismissal bell. If students are still on campus or in the parking lot after the 10 minutes, they will be escorted to the cafeteria and a parent will have to come inside the building to check out their student. Students will not be allowed to sit in the parking lot between finals. Students will not be allowed to leave campus and come back. For example, if a student has an A1 and A3 period final, they will not be able to leave campus during period A2. They must go to their Period A2. If a student leaves campus without permission, IBS will be issued. No pillows/blankets/house shoes/stuffed animals/pajama bottoms, etc. will be allowed.


To qualify for an attendance exemption from any exam a student must meet certain criteria:

  • No unexcused absences, including single period absences (3 unexcused tardies in a class equals one unexcused absence for exemption purposes).
  • No more than 3 excused absences in any class (each period stands alone).
  • Not on Loss of Privilege List and/or Fines List (textbook, library, etc.).  Must be cleared by the deadline.
  • No IBS, Suspensions, or AEC placements.
  • Must have been at Sachse High School for entire semester.

Number of absences and grade comparison

  • A average (90 – 100): 3 excused absences
  • B average (80 – 89): 2 excused absences
  • C average (70 – 79): 1 excused absence

Number of possible exemption cards by class period

  • 9th graders: 1 card per semester
  • 10th graders: 2 cards per semester
  • 11th graders: 3 cards per semester
  • 12th graders: 3 cards first semester; 8 cards second semester (or last semester attended for early graduates)

Items to remember regarding exemptions

  • Dual Credit Course Exemptions are not applicable as students in Dual Credit Courses must take their exams. 
  • All students who earn exemptions must maintain eligibility throughout the entire semester in order to receive exemptions.
  • Attendance exemptions may be revoked if absences exceed the requirements prior to exams.
  • All exam exemptions are a privilege and are subject to removal by Sachse High School Administration at their discretion.


The fine list will be reviewed every three weeks. Any student owing a fine will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities until the fine is paid. This includes, but is not limited to, textbooks, school materials, organization fees, uniforms, etc.

High school ID requirement

Sachse High School’s mission is to continue to strengthen a foundation that will foster responsible citizenship and lifelong learning. This new policy will help enhance student safety and security and support that mission.

Name Tag Process

First period teachers will verify all students are wearing their ID’s every day.  Students must have their ID on and visible at all times.  Students cannot have them in a pocket, purse, wallet or etc.

  • If a student does not have a visible ID, the first period teacher is to issue a paper name tag.  The paper name tag is to remain on the student for the remainder of the day until they purchase a new ID.

  • Teachers will record the number of times that a paper name tag has been issued to the student.  On the third issue of a paper name tag to the same student, the student will receive an office referral.

Second period teachers if a student does not have a visible ID, confirm with student if they received a paper name tag in first period.

  • If a paper name tag was not given in first period, give student a paper name tag during second period. Send an email to your AP with the name of the student that did not receive a paper name tag during first period.

  • If a paper name tag was given during first period and the student is not wearing it, the student will receive an office referral.

Need a replacement SHS Student ID?

Buy a Student ID during the following times in the Counselor’s Office:

  • Before school from 7–7:20 a.m.
  • 9:06–9:21 a.m. (Only for late arrival seniors)
  • During lunches from 10:45 a.m.–1:03 a.m.
  • After school from 2:40 p.m.–2:55 p.m.

Price is $3.00 for a replacement ID (comes with a lanyard). Price is $1.00 for a replacement lanyard. They must have the $3.00 to get a new ID, getting on the LOP list and paying later is no longer an option.

Students must wear their current SHS student ID...

  • to leave class
  • to attend assemblies
  • to go through the lunch lines
  • to receive your district iPad
  • to use phones in the hallway and at lunch
  • to check out books in the library
  • to use the library computers
  • to carry for identification
  • to attend school dances
  • to get student ticket prices for games

Lunch period

Students must remain in the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period. Per school district policy, Sachse High School is a closed campus. Lunches may not be delivered to students without prior administrator approval. Non-students are not allowed on campus without prior approval.

Parking procedures

Before you purchase a parking permit, know these expectations. Parking on campus is a privilege, not a right, and may be denied at the discretion of the Administration. By purchasing a parking permit, you are stating your intention to attend school over 90% of the days, to drive the registered vehicle, and to follow the rules. If your parking privileges are removed, No refunds will be given.

Parking Permits will be sold in the AP Office during the hours of 3-3:30 p.m. for the 2019 – 2020 school year. You must have everything listed below to purchase a permit. All fines must be cleared from the Loss of Privilege list, textbooks, and the library.

What is needed for parking permits

Sachse High School tardy policy

Students are expected to be on time to all classes at Sachse High School. Students who arrive to class after the tardy bell will report to the Attendance Office. Students will be given a yellow tardy pass and will have 2 minutes to report to class. A tardy report will be printed weekly. Only those students who have accumulated 4 or more tardies during a grading cycle will appear on this report. Any student who has accumulated four or more tardies during a single grading cycle will receive the following disciplinary consequences.

Tardies #4-6

If a student accumulates 4-6 tardies during the cycle, the student will:

  • be documented in Review 360
  • be given a Thursday School detention
  • Have a mandatory face-to-face parent conference with an assistant principal.
  • Students will be given additional consequences if a face-to-face parent conference is not held within one week of initial contact.

Tardies #7-9

If a student accumulates additional tardies in the same cycle, the student will:

  • be documented in Review 360
  • be given a Friday School detention
  • have a mandatory face-to-face parent conference with the building principal
  • Students will be given additional consequences if a face-to-face parent conference is not held within one week of initial contact.

Tardies #10+

If a student accumulates excessive tardies in the same cycle, the student will:

  • be documented in Review 360 (insubordination)
  • be given one or more days of in-building suspension (IBS)

SHS clinic Information

Injuries and illnesses at school

Every campus has a full-time registered nurse (RN) on-site. The school clinics are equipped to provide basic first aid only. All health services staff are CPR/AED certified and have received emergency preparedness training.

Products used in the clinic

Certain over-the-counter products are stocked in the clinic for treatment:

  • Calamine lotion
  • Camphophenique
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Mentholatum
  • Saline eye wash

More information can be found on the Garland ISD Health Services website.


Medicine at school

Please print and complete medication forms prior to sending medication to school. Forms and information can be found on the Garland ISD Health Services website, under the Medicine at School section.  


Topic of the Month

Flu season is almost here! We recommend the following:

  1.  Wash hands frequently

  2.  Get a Flu shot

  3.  Cover your cough and sneezes

  4.  Stay home if you become ill. Check for fever prior to arrival at school.
     GISD - Should I Keep My Child Home From School Guidelines 


Meet the Nurses

Our goal is to keep students in the classroom as much as possible in order to avoid lost instruction time, as well as promote responsible decision making with self-care in non-emergency situations.

We are proud to be here taking care of over 3,000 students and staff. We are in the clinic Monday – Friday from 7am – 3pm. We can be reached by email or telephone.

Lara Kogel – lakogel@garlandisd.net
Gina Schoch – gnschoch@garlandisd.net
Phone: 972-414-7450 option 2
Fax: 972-414-7458

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday School

Tuesday School

Tuesday School are extended teacher tutorials from 2:45-5:10 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. A Tuesday School is assigned by teachers for not turning in required assignments. Busing is available for Tuesday School.

Thursday School

Thursday School is an extended detention from 2:45-5:10 p.m. on Thursday afternoon in the Cafeteria Annex. A Thursday School is issued by administrators for discipline and excessive partial absences (tardy to class). Thursday School may be rescheduled once per term to accommodate emergencies. Failure to serve Thursday School will result in mandatory Friday School placement. Busing is available for Thursday School.

Friday School

Friday School is an extended detention from 2:45-5:45 p.m. on Friday afternoons. A Friday School may be issued by administrators for discipline and/or partial absences/tardies. Failure to attend Friday School may result in loss of privileges or IBS placement.