Cotillion Awards 

General Information about the Cotillion Award

Cotillion Awards are Sachse’s Student Awards for all grades where students and teachers vote on awards like All SHS, Most Friendly, Most Admired, Most SHS Spirit, Most Beautiful/Most Handsome, etc. The awards will be given in late spring

Voting Information

Student Cotillion Voting is scheduled for January 26-27 during Periods B7. Voting will happen online. All grades will be voting so this affects everyone. Students can also vote from home as well.

Voting closes on Friday, January 27 at 1:30pm. Use the following Link to Vote

Login: Student ID (Ex: 123456)...NO "S" in front
Password: Student Access Code

If for some reason, you can not get logged in, please email Lauren Ellis, Student Activities Director.

It makes the process go faster if your students know who they want to vote for. The Cotillion Categories are attached.