Homecoming 2020

Sachse HS is proud to announce our 2020 Homecoming Nominees:

Homecoming Celebration:

Our Homecoming Celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, November 11 outside at Mustang Stadium at 7:00 p.m.  No Homecoming Parade this year.  Homecoming Court for all grades will be presented and winners will be announced at this event.  Attendance at this event will not be open to everyone because we have to be aware of our numbers due to social distancing.  Homecoming Nominee families will be able to attend and nominees will receive four wristbands for their family members.  Only senior parents of our performance groups will be able to attend and those seniors will be able to invite two guests.  Face masks are required for this event.  

Hallway Decorating:

Decorating happens the weekend before Homecoming this year (November 6-7).  Check with your class sponsors to see when their class will be up here decorating their class hall.  We want decorations up all Homecoming week (November 9-13).  Students need to be doing the decorating.  No Hallway judging this year.

Assigned Halls and Areas are listed below...

  • Freshmen & Sophomores – Splitting the Auditorium/Attendance Hallway. 
  • Seniors & Juniors – Splitting the Gym Hallway
  • Student Council – Decorating the Cafeteria is school spirited décor the weekend before Homecoming Week. 
  • Cheer decorating outside of the building, front porch area, and helping with the cafeteria.

If you have questions about Hallway Decorating, see your Class Sponsor…

  • Seniors – Mrs. McKeon (Rm. 112), Mrs. Spencer (Rm. 126), Mrs. Beaty (Rm. 120), Mr. Halbach (Rm. 240)
  • Juniors – Mrs. Murdock (Rm. 261), Mrs. Sanborn (Rm. 1033), Mrs. Parker (Rm. 279)
  • Sophomores – Mrs. Dooley (Rm. 2006), Mrs. Douglas (Rm. 2029), Mr. Shuffield (Rm. 1023)
  • Freshmen – Mrs. Wilson (Library), Mrs. Blankenship (Rm. 140)

Class Banners:

These are the banners that are hung in the cafeteria over the windows that represent each class.  The banners will be judged to see which class has the best banner and the winning class will be announced at the in school student pep rallies.

Class Bucket Competition:

Each class will compete to see which class can raise the most money.  The money raised will go straight back to the individual classes.  The winning class president will get to choose a teacher from the list and throw a pie in their face at the in school student pep rallies.  The class bucket competition runs from November 9-11.

Homecoming Dress Up Days:

Student Council has planned our Homecoming 2020 Dress Up Days.  Please be aware that Thursday, November 12 is the Code Navy day and Friday, November 13 is the Heroes vs. Villains Day. 

Homecoming Dance:

No Homecoming Dance this year due to safety concerns.

Homecoming Pep Rallies:

Also planning in school student outside pep rallies by grade on Thursday, November 12 at Mustang Stadium for our face-to-face students.  This is for face-to-face students only.  No parents will be at this event.  Senior/Junior Pep Rally for face to face students will be in the morning.  Freshmen/Sophomore Pep Rally for face to face students will be in the afternoon.  Please check out the Homecoming pep rally dress code information for the in school pep rallies for our face to face students.  

Homecoming Online Voting:

First round runs from October 1-2.  Voting link closes at 1:30pm on October 2.  Second round runs from October 29-30.  Voting link closes at 1:30pm on October 30.  Students will vote online.  Voting link will be pushed out the closer we get to these voting rounds. 

Voting Categories are as follows...

  • Freshmen will vote on Lord and Lady.
  • Sophomores will vote on Duke and Duchess.
  • Juniors will vote on Prince and Princess.
  • Seniors will vote on King and Queen.

Homecoming Nominee Info:

All Homecoming nominees will be announced on Friday, October 16 during advisory.  All Homecoming Nominees will be involved in the Homecoming Celebration planned for Wednesday, November 11 and the in school pep rallies on Thursday, November 12.  Homecoming Court winners will be announced at the Homecoming Celebration which is scheduled for November 11.  

Homecoming Mum and Garter Colors:

Mum and garter colors can be navy, white, and silver with accents of orange.  There are not specified colors for each grade.  Mums and garters can be worn on both Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13.

Homecoming Football Game:

Our Varsity Football game will fall on either Thursday, November 12.  General students will not be allowed to attend the football game at this time due to safety concerns. 

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ellis, Student Activities Director.