Homecoming 2021

Disclaimer regarding our Homecoming 2021 events...we are monitoring the situation and appreciate your flexibility and understanding.  Although there are several different ways and plans developed, the current plans is to move all Homecoming events outside.  Keep checking this Homecoming page as we will update our plans here as soon as we know with this ever changing situation.  

Homecoming Parade and Community Pep Rally

  • On Wednesday, September 15, we are going to hold Homecoming Parade and Homecoming Community Pep Rally in the evening.
  • The parade will start at Sachse City Hall and come down Miles Road.  The parade will end at Mustang Stadium for our Community Pep Rally.  
  • Parade line up will be at 5:30pm at Sachse City Hall; Parade will start at 6:30pm; Community Pep Rally will start at 7:30pm at Mustang Field.
  • Homecoming Nominees will ride on floats.
  • Cheer, Drill, Band, Football, Volleyball, and our clubs and organizations will all be involved in the parade/community evening pep rally. 

Hallway Decorating

  • Decorating happens the weekend before Homecoming this year (September 10-12).  Check with your class sponsors to see when their class will be up here decorating their class hall.  We want decorations up all Homecoming week (September 13-17). 
  • Students need to be doing the decorating.  Parents can help but we want students to be present.
  • Please do not use any glitter.
  • No staples in the walls.
  • No Hallway judging this year.
  • Clean-up of halls:
    • I need for kids from your classes to be responsible for cleaning your halls.
    • All class halls need to be cleaned up on Friday, September 17 after school.  Everything needs to be out of the halls before you leave on Friday.
  • Assigned Halls:
    • Freshmen & Sophomores – Splitting the Auditorium/Attendance Hallway. 
    • Seniors & Juniors – Splitting the Gym Hallway
    • Student Council – Decorating the Cafeteria is school spirited décor the weekend before Homecoming Week.  On the Homecoming Friday (September 17), Student Council will start decorating for the dance after school.  If you want to help decorate with Student Council, see Ms. Ellis in the library.
  • If you have questions about Hallway Decorating, see your Class Sponsor…
    • Seniors – Mrs. Sanborn (Rm. 180), Mrs. Murdock (Rm. 261), Mrs. Parker (Rm. 279), Mr. Murdock (Rm. 310)
    • Juniors – Mrs. Wilson Douglas (Rm. 2006), Mrs. McCall (Rm. 2024), Mr. Shuffield (Rm. 1023)
    • Sophomores – Mrs. Wilson (Library); Mrs. Blankenship (Rm. 224A); Mr. Halbach (Rm. 2020)
    • Freshmen – Mrs. Wiggins (Rm. 242), Mrs. Alexander (Rm. 258)

Class Banners

  • These are the banners that are hung in the cafeteria over the windows that represent each class
  • Please do not use any glitter.
  • The banners will be judged on Friday, September 17 to see which class has the best banner and the winning class will be announced at the Homecoming pep rally on Friday, September 17.

Class Bucket Competition

  • Each class will compete to see which class can raise the most money.
  • The money raised will go straight back to the individual classes.
  • Runs from Monday, September 13 – Friday, September 17. 
  • The winning class president will get to choose a teacher and throw a pie in their face at the Homecoming pep rally on Friday, September 17.

Homecoming Pep Rally

  • Friday, September 17 at Mustang Field during Period B6.  We will be on an adjusted bell schedule for the morning only.  
  • Students attending the pep rally must have their current Student ID and Trust Card to attend
  • Students must not be on the Loss of Privilege List.
  • Dress Code for Pep Rally…
    • 9th – 11th Graders:  Must wear a NAVY shirt
    • 12th Graders:  Can either wear the 2022 Senior Shirt or a Navy shirt. 

Homecoming Online Voting

  • 1st Round:  Tuesday, August 24
  • 2nd Round:  Friday, September 10
  • In the 2nd round of Homecoming Voting, the following grades will vote for the following categories:
    • Freshmen:  Lord and Lady
    • Sophomores:  Duke and Duchess
    • Juniors:  Prince and Princess; will also vote for Senior King and Queen
    • Seniors:  King and Queen
  • Students will vote online.  If you have issues with the voting program, email Lauren Ellis.

Homecoming Celebration

  • Saturday, September 18 from 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. at Mustang Stadium.  Food trucks will be at this event.  Check out the menus and all food purchased will be by the students from the food trucks directly.
  • Tickets will be sold at lunch from September 13-17.
  • Tickets are $15 a piece at school (September 13-17) and $20 sold at the stadium on Saturday, September 18.
  • Sachse HS Students must have a current School ID to attend and a current Sachse HS Trust Card. 
  • If a student is bringing a date that is not a Sachse HS student, then they need to fill out a Guest Form.  This guest form is due to the AP office on Wednesday, September 15.  The guest also needs a picture ID to attend.  Forms of Picture ID for the Guest (Must show ONE of these):  Driver’s License, School ID, Library Card, Passport, Copied Yearbook picture with principal’s signature and Business Card attached.
  • Please see the Homecoming Celebration Dress Code.  Anyone out of dress code will not be allowed into the Celebration and this includes dance guests.  Two changes to the attached Celebration dress code:  No heels of any kind (only flats can be worn into the stadium due to the turf field) and if a student would like to dress more casually for this celebration that is fine but it does still have to meet our normal school dress code.  Rompers are fine as long as they or any shorts worn are finger tip length.

Homecoming Nominee Info

  • Homecoming Nominees for 2021-2022
  • Underclassmen Homecoming nominees will be announced over the PA on Friday, August 27 during Period B5.  Senior Homecoming nominees will be announced at the pep rally on August 27 during Period B6.
  • Homecoming nominee meeting on Tuesday, September 14 at 6:45am in the Library Lab.  This is a mandatory meeting for all Homecoming nominees.
  • Senior Homecoming Nominee Field Practice on Wednesday, September 15 at 6:30am in the Practice Gym.  This is mandatory for all senior homecoming nominees.
  • Homecoming Parade on Wednesday, September 15 in the evening where all Homecoming Nominees will ride on their class floats.  Meet at Sachse City Hall at 5:30pm.  Dress for this is casual and in Sachse spirit apparel.  
  • No free dance tickets for Homecoming nominees.
  • 9th-11th Grade Homecoming Winners will be announced at the Homecoming Pep Rally on Sept. 17 at Mustang Stadium and they need to attend the Pregame Homecoming Ceremony at HBJ Stadium on September 17 at 6:30pm.  
  • Senior Homecoming nominees will be presented at the Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday, September 17 at Mustang Stadium.  The Senior Homecoming Court will be presented and winners will be announced at the Pregame Homecoming Ceremony at HBJ Stadium on September 17 at 6:30pm.

Homecoming Dress Up Days

Homecoming Mum and Garter Colors

  • Mum and garter colors can be navy, white, and silver with accents of orange.  There are not specified colors for each grade. 
  • Mums and garters can be worn on Friday, September 17 to school and to the Homecoming game on Friday, September 17 at HBJ Stadium.

Homecoming Football Game

  • Homecoming King and Queen Pregame Ceremony will be held at HBJ Stadium starting around 6:30pm on Friday, September 17.
  • Homecoming Game vs. Lakeview Centenniel High School at HBJ Stadium at 7:00pm (Home Side).
  • Tickets can be purchased at www.garlandisd.tix.com

If you have any Homecoming questions, please email Ms. Ellis, Student Activities Director.