Mustang Legacy

Wall of Pride

Attention All S.H.S. Students and Parents

The MUSTANG LEGACY is a designated wall in the school where all Sachse High School students are able to leave their legacy behind by purchasing a brick or tile to represent their career here at S.H.S. The MUSTANG LEGACY is located in the S.H.S. cafeteria on the back wall so that it is easily seen by all who enter the school. This is a great way to leave your legacy at S.H.S. In this page you will see an example of bricks and tiles from Sachse High School. The funds made off this project will be used to improve our S.H.S campus. For example, a senior courtyard will be added as well as other building and campus improvements. We would love for every student at S.H.S. to be represented on our MUSTANG LEGACY wall. You do not have to be a senior to purchase a brick or tile, all students are welcome. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Ellis.

Legacy Wall
HOCO Kings & Queens of the past
Mustang Inaugural Year 02-03
05-06 Charter Bricks