Choir News

Choir news

2019-2020 Choir leadership team

Congratulations to our Choir Leadership Team for the upcoming school year. The Sachse High School Choirs are in great hands in 19-20. The following students were nominated by the Class of 2019 A Cappella Choir Members. Interviews and by the 19-20 A Cappella Choir (announced below) will take place the week of May 6. Choir Officers and Section Leaders will be announced at the Choir Banquet on Friday, May 10.

Nina Alfred
Reagan Busby
Jenna Easter
Ariam Ferow
Steven Fernandez
Garrett Harris
Analise Hogan
Jeremy Lande
Angela Nguyenvo
Nathan Scott

2019-2020 Choir placement

Students and Parents, today we will post the results for the 19-20 A Cappella Choir. I know that everyone is anxious to see who, through audition and a great amount of thought, has been selected for these groups. Before results are available on their corresponding pages, I would like for everyone to consider the following ...

  1. Preparation for these auditions was at the highest level! Parents, all of your children can sing musically, and most sight read very well. Please keep in mind that that over 115 students auditioned for the A Cappella Choir, and they ALL performed at their highest level. This makes some of the decision making coming down to ensemble balance, participation and service, and most importantly, ATTENDANCE and ELIGIBILITY.
  2. Take Me Seriously ... Not Personally. I quote my colleague, Kari Gilbertson at Lake Highlands HS in Richardson ISD. Audition results are never intended to hurt anyone personally. We do use a rubric for every audition. Parents and students, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with me after school gets out and discuss the audition. Our audition process is completely transparent and fair.
  3. If you were selected to A Cappella Choir, be humble. Remember, you may be as happy as someone is sad, and vice versa, so make sure you are kind and humble in your reactions. Consider not texting or posting on social media. Parents -- the same goes for you. For this reason, I am only posting ID numbers.
  4. Don't contact me this weekend. You can be angry with me for the next 48 hours, then let's get back to school and start working towards making next year better. Don't even send that e-mail that you just typed... send it on Monday after you've had some time to digest the choir postings.
  5. Advocate for yourself. A good friend of mine that teaches at Flower Mound HS always reminds his choir families that everyone will be in college soon, or the workforce and they need to develop the skills of self autonomy and self advocacy. Students, I'm happy to sit down with you next week and discuss your audition. Parents, I won't discuss any audition results with you until I have met with your student first.
  6. Look for lessons for next time. Let's sit down for a few minutes and examine all aspects of your audition ... performance, sight reading, tone, knowledge of key signatures and note names, attendance, grades, character, leadership, rehearsal, attitude, maturity. This will not be during your choir period (make an appointment before or after school). Remember, Mrs. Poligala and I have told you since the first day of school that you are always auditioning.
  7. Try again. The Columbus Children's Choir audition page says, "Don't be disappointed after your audition. The more you do this, the better you get at it." You WILL have other opportunities.

I can't think of a time in the last four years that our graduating Seniors did not fail at something. Those that are the most successful and talented have had their moments of disappointment ... but they all kept going and have grown from the experience. I challenge you all to do the same. Most importantly, Mrs. Poligala and I love all of you, and we would place you all in the A Cappella Choir if we could. Our overall goal is for you to get better and advance from year to year. If your name is not on the A Cappella Choir list, know that you are still a crucial part of an award winning choir program, and if you choose, will have the opportunity to be successful, have fun, and lead in your choir next year.

If you login to Skyward this weekend for the 2019-2020 Arena Schedule Preview, the update to your courses may not be complete. Please communicate with Mr. McGuire NEXT WEEK before your day to create your schedule, and he will work with your counselor to get it updated.

Thank you for auditioning. ~ Mr. McGuire

2019-2020 Choir handbook

Coming Soon...

Make donations & purchase tickets to events

This year, we are excited to offer online donations and ticket purchases to Sachse HS Choir events. Use your credit or debit card to reserve seats, print tickets from home, or e-mail a digital ticket to present on your phone when you arrive ... it is that easy.

Online Ticketing

Garland ISD Fine Arts Recognized as one of the Best... 9 years in a row

The NAMM Foundation recognizes the Garland Independent School District for its outstanding commitment to music education with a Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) designation. Garland ISD joins 476 districts across the country to receive the prestigious distinction in 2018. This is the sixth time that the school district has earned this distinction.

In its 19th year, Best Communities for Music Education affirms school districts that have demonstrated exceptional efforts toward maintaining music education as part of the schools’ core curriculum.

The BCME survey requires districts to answer detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program and community music-making programs. Responses were verified with school officials and reviewed by The Institute for Educational Research and Public Service of Lawrence, Kansas, an affiliate of the University of Kansas.

This is the 8th time that the Garland ISD has received this recognition” said George W. Jones, Director of Fine Arts. “The award is an affirmation that the Garland ISD is dedicated to educating the whole child and that the Fine Arts programs are an integral part of that education.

As the Garland ISD finalizes its 2018–2019 budgets, the announcement of this year’s Best Communities for Music Education designation brings attention to the importance of keeping music education part of school’s core education and music’s vital role in student success in school.

Community music programs have been drawing increased attention because of a landmark study by Northwestern University brain scientists. These researchers found new links between students in community music programs and academic success in subjects such as reading.

SHS Choirs Calendar

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Choir booster

Sachse HS Choir Booster Club

One of the best ways to become involved in your student's music education is to be an active member of our Choir Booster Club. Membership is open to everyone from students to parents and family.

Booster Club 2019-2020 meetings

Our Choir Booster Club only meets as a full group three times throughout the year. Each meeting begins at 7 p.m., and usually only lasts about 40 minutes. Please join us. All are invited, and everyone is needed.

If you would like to receive more information about our booster club or would like to know how to become a sponsor, please email Lisa Woolbright.

Booster Club leadership

  • Courtney Hogan, president
  • Joanne Fernandez, co-vice-president (membership)
  • Sharon DeHart, vice-president (fundraising)
  • Jennifer Easter, treasurer
  • Michelle DiValerio, secretary
  • Christy Elms, member-at-large
  • Wendy Williams, chili cook-off chair
  • Dawn Harris, historian

Varsity Mixed Choir (A Cappella Choir)

A Cappella Choir

The Varsity Mixed Choir (A Cappella Choir) is composed of approximately 70 students through audition in the previous Spring. Membership is open to all students in grades 10-12. The choir travels on an annual Spring Tour each year. Past tours have included the Republic of Ireland, Toronto (Ontario, Canada), New Orleans, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Orlando, Winter Park (CO), Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.

The 2020 Choir Tour (March 5-9, 2020) will be a clinic/performance tour at Abilene Christian University and continuing on to ski in Northern New Mexico … Much more information to come!!!

Mane Attraction

2019-2020 Mane Attraction

Reagan Busby
Caleb Casteel
Wes Elms
Steven Fernandez
Ariam Ferow
Philip Grecu
Garrett Harris
Jeremy Lande
Celia Melancon
Angela NguyenVo**
Kate Odom
Amaru Primm
Kirsten Ritcheson
Nathan Scott**
Bethany Soukanya
Makenna Weatherby
Jackson Wilkerson

VP - Patrick Anderson

** denotes Madrigal Dinner King and Queen

There will be a meeting after school on Monday, May 20th until 3:00 PM.
Contracts will be passed out at this time, and must be returned by the end of the day on Wednesday, May 22nd.

Men's Chorus

The Men's Chorus (non-varsity) is a non-auditioned choir for men in grades 9 - 12. Focus on this ensemble is placed on the basics of music theory and literacy, with an emphasis on the basic knowledge of solfege and sight reading.

Non-Varsity Mixed Choir (Women)

The Non-Varsity Mixed Choir Women are the intermediate Treble Choir at Sachse High School. It is composed of approximately 40 women through audition in the previous spring. Membership is open to students in grades 10 - 12. The choir frequently combines with members of the Non-Varsity Mixed Choir Men for concert performance and U.I.L contest participation.

Non-Varsity Mixed Choir (Men)

The Mixed Choir Men (non-varsity) is an auditioned choir for men in grades 9 - 12. Selected men combine with the Non-Varsity Women throughout the year as a mixed choir for various concerts and UIL contest. Focus on this ensemble is placed on the basics of music theory and literacy, with an emphasis on the basic knowledge of solfege and sight reading.

Treble Choir

The Treble Choir (non-varsity) is the training women's choir at Sachse High School, composed of approximately 40 women. Membership is open to students in grades 9 - 10. Focus is placed on vocal development, beginning sight reading skills and music literacy, and ensemble preparation.

Women's Chorale

The Women's Chorale (non-varsity) is an advanced auditioned choir for women in grades 9 - 12. The choir performs at all choir concerts throughout the year, as well as all UIL adjudicated activities. Emphasis on this ensemble is placed on advanced music theory and literacy, with an emphasis on the advanced knowledge of solfege and sight reading.