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Libby Rotan
Joseph Murdock
Amanda Godwin

Upcoming productions

Please visit the Sachse Mustang Theatre Website for 2019-20 productions. Email for ticketing information.

Johnny On The Spot (JOTS)

Johnny On The Spot, or JOTS, is Sachse Mustang Theatre's comedy improv troupe sporting several of our most comedic students. Most rehearsals are Thursdays after school, 2:45 pm in the Little Theater (Rm 308). Look for information on the call board or the website about show dates.

JOTS officers

  • President: Ashley Pintello
  • Vice President: Tory Kettering
  • Secretary: Kristin Gooding
  • Vice-Secretary: Samantha Rozinsky
  • Historian: Kaitlyn Collins
  • Treasurer: Conner Carroll

International Thespian Society (ITS #6712)

International Thespian Society, or ITS, is an organization that recognizes and celebrates theatre excellence. Sachse Mustang Theatre is home to ITS Troupe #6712, which theatre students may join to keep themselves informed and involved in the many theatrical events occurring at Sachse High School. Meetings are usually held every third Tuesday of the month at 2:45.Look for information on the call board or the website about upcoming activities. 

ITS #6712 Officers

  • President: Kaitlyn Collins
  • Vice President: Ashley Pintello
  • Secretary: Collin Day
  • Historian: Bella Rodriguez
  • Communication Liaison: Kristin Gooding

Tech Theatre

Any students interested in the technical side of theatre can see Mr. Murdock for info about how to help with productions. This is available even for students not enrolled in theatre classes. 

Booster club meetings

Any parents that would like to get more info about joining our Booster Club, please contact our Booster Club at