The GO Center

The GO Center is the "go-to" place at SHS, where students and parents find post-secondary education information.  The GO Center Counselor facilitates the academic needs of our high school students, striving to make the transition between high school and post-secondary options seamless. Students and parents may visit the GO Center for a variety of reasons, such as, assistance with College and Career options; Financial Aid applications and other post-secondary needs. The GO Center is equipped with the necessary technology to assist with college and career goals.  Our goal is that all students are college, career and military ready by the time they graduate.  (CCMR)

The GO Center is open before school, after school, during lunch and during class as long as the students have a pass from their teacher!  You do not have to make an appointment.


  • Research colleges and universities
  • Investigate careers and career interest inventories
  • Explore scholarships and apply
  • Apply for colleges and universities
  • Complete the FAFSA (Financial Aid) & TAFSA
  • Write college and scholarship essays
  • Create resumes
  • Sign up for SAT/ACT examinations
  • Apply and take pre-assessment for TSIA2
  • Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse (Athletics)
  • Check gradebook on Skyward
  • Print documents for school
  • Meet with recruiters
  • Lunch and Learn opportunities with colleges and military.
Sachse HS Counselor's Office College Board
Counselor helping student with college applications
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