**Sachse will not automatically send or mail transcripts - you must request them through Naviance.**

Final Transcripts

Attention seniors, before you graduate from Sachse, you must request your final official transcript through Naviance.  All colleges, universities, trade schools and the military will require a final transcript.

Transcripts requested through Naviance will be processed and sent approximately 2 weeks after graduation.

Graduates who are 18 years old or are in a post-secondary setting CANNOT have a parent request or pick up their records.

To order your final transcripts:
  1. Go to Naviance
  2. Username is S and your Student ID Number (Ex: S123456)
  3. Go to “Colleges I’m Applying To”
  4. Click the edit pencil next to the college you are attending
  5. Mark the result as accepted; Update applications
  6. Scroll down to “College that I’m Attending”, select the school you are attending and “Update”
  7. Click manage transcripts
  8. Select the school you are attending and click "Request Final Transcript"

Remember the final transcripts you request through Naviance will be sent 2 weeks after graduation.


Current Students

Ordering your transcript:

Current students will request transcripts through Naviance.

All students must have a Student Record Release Authorization Form on file in the counseling office before any transcripts can be sent. You can find this form in the Document Resources section of Naviance at the bottom of the home page under Counselor Forms.

To log into Naviance:

  1. Go to Naviance 
  2. Username is S and your Student ID Number (Ex: S123456)
  3. In the colleges tab, click "Colleges I'm Applying To"
  4. Add the colleges you are applying to by using the pink "+" button at the top, then use the drop-down menu to find your college(s)
  5. Click on add and request transcript
  6. If you already have colleges in your list, but have not requested transcripts, you may click the "Request Transcripts" link under "Colleges I'm Applying To".  Select the school and then "Request Transcripts" select which transcript and click “Request and Finish”.

Transcripts sent electronically are free.

Hard Copies of Transcripts

If you need a hard copy of your transcript, (those that are not requested through Naviance) please email your requests to Mrs. Reed. Due to District Closings please allow time for transcripts to be mailed. You will not be able to pick them up on campus.

Former Students

Graduates 2015 to the current year:

If you are a graduate from 2015-current, you can still request your transcript through Sachse HS. Please allow 24 hours after you make your request for the transcript to be processed. Please email Mrs. Reed to put in your request.

Graduates prior to 2015:

Any student who is from year 2014-or any year prior to 2014 must request your transcript from GISD Student Services, 720 Stadium Drive, Garland. (972) 494-8255.