At Sachse High School, Social Emotional Learning is more than just a concept - it is our way of teaching at the hearts of our students. Guided by CASEL's framework, educators at Sachse strive to provide their students with Collaboration for Academic, Social & Emotional Learning (CASEL.) 

Below, you will find the CASEL framework and a video explanation of what SEL looks like for our students. 

What Does SEL Look Like At Sachse?

Sachse SEL Teachers of The Month: 


Math Dep. - Mr. Thomas "Your ability to shine hope into our lives makes the hardest of days easy as 3.14 (pie)."

English Dep. - Mr. Murray "You care about your students and who they are becoming - both academically and personally." 

History Dep. - Mrs. Parker "Your leadership and boldness inspires us, however shy we might be." 

Science Dep. - Coach Dyess "Your joy is contagious and spreads around our classroom on the cloudiest of days."  

Elective Dep. - Mr. Hawkins "You are such a dad! You give us joy and build us up when we struggle."