Fifth grade

The teachers

The fifth grade team is comprised of the following teachers:  Neftalif Alvarado- Barron, Tenisha Brown and Mary Kellerman. These teachers work hard in class and go the extra mile by offering after school tutoring, and some participate in our Garland After School (GAP) program when they are needed.

College ready

Fifth grader completing a Do Now.

Our fifth grade teachers are always busy preparing our students for their next steps. If you want to see college and career ready classes,  just stop by one of our fifth grade rooms. The teachers have high expectations, and they put regulations in place that help students succeed. From AVID style organizational tools to assigning roles to students in class, the fifth graders are doing exceedingly well. 

As we get closer to the end of the year, our students are showing growth. We know they will be successful in the middle schools they choose.