First grade

The teachers

Slivia Angelo will be returning to teach first grade to our bilingual students. We have two new additions to our first grade team. They are Laura Harris and Leslie Smith. These teachers are new to first grade; they are not new to Shugart. Harris taught third grade last year, and Smith taught second grade. Harris and Smith are excited to be working with your children. Their students are wasting no time getting excited about learning. They are learning and improving in all classes. 

Frederico and the wolf

Representing Frederico and the wolf

Our students enjoy learning  about all kinds of subjects. In honor of Hispanic heritage month, we are reading books by Hispanic authors. This kindergarten class enjoyed Rebecca J. Gomez's book Federico and the Wolf. They even had a chance to engage in a bit of reader's theater. This student really enjoyed playing the role of Frederico. We learned all about this character who has to engage and defeat that pesky, sly wolf. And when the book was finished, we were happy to see that the author had included a recipe for the pico de gallo that is discussed in this book. This is an entertaining book and one that includes Spanish words, definitions and expository text.