First grade

The teachers

Lizbeth Espino is Shugart's first grade bilingual teacher.  Laura Harris and Ambranesha Douglas are the other first grade teachers. These teachers are new to first grade; they are not new to Shugart. Harris taught third grade last year, and Douglas previously worked as one of our amazing paraprofessionals.  The team is excited to be working with your children. Their students are wasting no time getting excited about learning. They are learning and improving in all classes. 

Morning meetings

Morning meetings in first grade

With morning meetings, every student has a chance to start the day on a positive note. During these meetings, students connect with each other and discuss goals and plans for the coming week. Students who may not be having such a great morning can be helped. They may get a hug, a pat on the back, or a kind word from the teacher or peers. Sometimes, it is just what is needed for a student to re start and have a great day.  Morning meetings are great for protecting the social emotional health of our students and staff. These meetings are just one of the amazing reasons that Shugart is a great choice for your children.