The book fair is coming

The students have been asking. The parents have been wondering. Guess what? It is almost time for our annual fall book fair. This year's fair will kick off on October 30. Yes, October 30 is the same day of our Literacy/Trunk or Treat night. This year's event will be even bigger. Expect to take home candy and books. And please bring extra money. We will have food trucks on site selling delicious tacos, elotes and coffee drinks. This is a Shugart/Community event that you do not want to miss. So get those costumes ready. Gather those funds, and come on out to have some fun!

Shared learning space

We think of our library as a shared collaborative space for students, staff and the community. Our librarian, Ms. Black, is a ten time GEF grant winner and a former teacher of the year. Special events in the Shugart library include the weekly student success maker ceremony, two book fairs per year, various reading related contests, maker and STEM assignments and other literacy related events. Some years, we invite  special guest speakers.  

The  library staff remains committed to supporting students, teachers and the GISD curriculum. We want everyone who visits us to love books and all things related to our school's library.

Open checkout

Students have scheduled library times weekly. Students who need to visit the library during open checkout must be familiar with the procedures. Students should enter the library quietly. Students must place old books in the designated place, get a shelf marker, and quietly search for books. Once students are ready, they line up and wait to be called. Once checkout is complete, students return their shelf markers, and go back to class. Open checkout is from 8:00 - 8:20 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students may also enter the library at other times as long as they have a pass from a teacher.

Returning books

Selecting new books


Library catalogs

library catalog logo

Find books, ebooks, and other resources by visiting your school's library catalog. If you need help with any of these resources, please contact your school librarian.

Online instructional resources

Online Instructional Resources are available to all students, teachers, parents, and administrators from any district or non-district computer.

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