The teachers

Our prekindergarten teachers and students are always hard at work. Katie Herman teaches prekindergarten. Herman's assistant is Tiffany Miles. Miles worked as a prekindergarten assistant last year with Mrs. Boyd but works with Mrs. Herman this year. Sara Tinsley teaches prekindergarten, too. Her assistant is Jessica Allen. Allen has a child who is currently attending Shugart. In addition to all of the great things going on in prekindergarten, we have more great things going on in our new early childhood special education class.  The 2022-23 school year is the first year for this class at Shugart. The ECSE teacher for that class is Kamilah Williams. Her assistants are Cynthia Dyson and newcomer, Mary Garcia. This is a great program, and we hope that families who need it will consider sending their children to Shugart.

Prekindergarten roundup

Ms. Black at the pre k round up.

Everyone is accustomed to seeing librarians in school libraries. What about seeing them at other libraries? What about visiting them on GISD's Reading with Rodney library bus? Many GISD libraries often take their expertise on the road with the Reading with Rodney bus. The Reading with Rodney bus is a library on wheels. Patrons can check out many books using the honor system. We just ask that the books are returned to a GISD school when people finish with them. Our librarian will work Saturday, March 25 at the GISD prekindergarten roundup. In addition to working on the bus, she spent time getting our table ready for Saturday's event. Working on events like these and serving on committees is common for many GISD librarians. It is a winning situation for everyone involved, and librarians love it.

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