Second grade

The teachers

We have a dedicated team of teachers ready for the second graders. Two of our teachers, Magda Barbosa and Nichole Stell are returning to the second grade team. Katheryn Garner has joined the second grade team this year.

Social emotional supplies

Student using noise canceling headphones

One of the many duties of our counselor, Mrs. Godinez,  includes helping teachers who help students. That help comes in all forms. Sometimes, Godinez goes into classes to conduct lessons. Sometimes, she meets with students on a one to one basis. Sometimes, she helps connect families to resources and supplies they need. She may also have access to social emotional learning tools and supplies.  Noise canceling headphones can be one of those tools. These headphones help some students concentrate more on their work and overall have a better classroom experience. Thanks to Mrs. Godinez for providing these tools for our students. 

Cards for soldiers

Making cards for soldiers

At Shugart, we enjoy collaborating with our community. When we learned that Centerville Elementary students needed help making holiday cards, our students volunteered to help. Using construction paper, scissors, glue and other craft supplies, our students began making holiday cards. When they finished, we used intercampus mail to send the cards to Centerville. We hope that they were helpful, and we want to wish all of our soldiers a wonderful holiday season.