Third grade

National letter writing month

Third grader writing a letter in the library.

April is National Letter Writing Month. What better way to learn how students feel than to have them write letters. Third graders in Mrs. Morrow's class recently wrote letters to the librarian. The purpose was for them to explain what they liked about library and what could be done to make library an even better experience. It is no surprise that many students expressed wanting more Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. We simply can not keep enough of those books. A surprising result for the librarian was the number of students who wanted to see more decorations, stuffed animals and color throughout the shelves. An overwhelming number of students expressed that they believed the library needed walls and doors; this librarian agrees. Some of the best ideas came from third grader, Kennedy, who expressed that she wanted to be able to sit next to her friends, do more projects, and have more talk time. These ideas and others, the librarian will certainly consider.