Fun activities

This 2021-2022 school year is off to a great start. In addition to core classes, Shugart students can get involved in a variety of activities with our specials teachers.  

Projects in art

Working with oil pastels

Our students are exposed to a variety of creative activities in art class. They communicate ideas through original art work using a variety of media. They express their thoughts while challenging their imaginations. Each day, students start by completing a warm up drawing activity. Then, they get to work on the current assignment. In the most recent assignment, students were working on using oil pastels. We can not wait to see them display the finished masterpieces.  


In music class, students will participate in activities that teach creative expression and performance, historical and cultural heritage and evaluation of different types of music. Students can expect to participate in face to face or virtual performances. 

Chess club

Fifth graders playing chess

At Shugart, we look for opportunities to involve our students in enriching extracurricular activities. This year, fifth graders have been invited to participate in chess club. This club held in the library during fifth grade recess. Students are challenged to use resources to learn the game and to teach it to others. We are excited about this opportunity for our students to have fun and improve their critical thinking skills. We can already see this sophisticated thinking process being used in the class rooms.