Read. Learn. Connect. A Shugart podcast
The librarian's podcast

At Shugart, we have a goal of introducing our students to the many ways technology can enhance their academic skills. We also encourage students to be creators in education, rather than just passive listeners. We have had a goal of having our students help us with a Shugart podcast. We are happy to announce that we are ready to share podcasts with all of you. Go to Google Podcasts and search for Read, Learn and Connect. Shugart Library and listen to our podcasts and follow us.

 We have been discussing ideas, collaborating with teachers, and trying to get started. This year, we won a GEF grant for podcasting equipment. We are very appreciative of Karina Olivares at the Garland Chamber of Commerce and of the Garland Education Foundation. Both have been instrumental in helping us achieve our podcast goals. And now, we are excited to announce that our podcast is ready to go. Please mark your calendars for March 26, the date our first podcast will be released. You can find us on or Google Podcasts. Our podcast is Read. Learn. Connect. A Shugart podcast.