The hardest working librarian around

The Shugart librarian, Monica Black, works hard for the Shugart students. Our students have access to our library through classes once per week. Also, we have open checkout times, and our library is open, literally and figuratively. Students may request a pass from a teacher, and they can visit the library in that way, too. Starting at second grade, students can check out up to three books at a time. Students have unlimited access to e books and other literary resources through use of the GISD Ready Hub.

The librarian encourages students to participate in various literacy related contests, and she serves as sponsor for the spelling bee. She mentors students and new teachers. Ms. Black serves on various school committees. She writes for and is awarded several GEF and/or DonorsChoose grants each year. She is also the Shugart webmaster who showcases students' and teachers' achievements through stories on the website.

The Shugart librarian works hard for students and is looking forward to welcoming new students each year. Choose Shugart.