Physical Education

Cup stacking

This fun and intense game actually encourages our students to cross the midline with their hands as well as their eyes, which engages the right and left hemispheres of the brain needed for higher learning concepts. Because the student is moving their hands so quickly, their eyes must also track the cups and the movement of their hands as they participate in the activity. The eyes naturally cross the midline to accomplish this task. These skills are very important for reading and writing development. It allows the student to track words across the page and read from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph. It also forces students to process information more quickly through their vision system, which allows them to process and retain information quicker in the classroom.

CATCH program

CATCH stands for Coordinated Approach to Child Health. CATCH helps students make health conscious behavior changes by identifying healthy foods and by increasing the amount of activity they engage in each day.  

CATCH is based on the CDC Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model in which health education, school environment, and family/community involvement work together to support youth in a healthy lifestyle.

Name Title  
Kari Bandurski Physical Education Teacher  
Jerome Cheadle Physical Education Aide  

Conference 7:45-8:30