Steadham soars towards higher education

Promoting higher education is important at Steadham Elementary. One way we do this is through College Week. This year we will participate in the District College Week and celebrate College Day during each grading period. There will continue to be many activities going on around the school to promote higher education. The school is decorated with college pennants, banners, and all kinds of posters, pamphlets and information from colleges and universities all over the country. During College Week teachers decorate their classroom door for with the University they attended. As students walk into the school, they are greeted by University Fight Songs playing on the intercom. College trivia is played every morning during the morning announcements. Each morning, every grade level has a college activity to complete such as a College Scavenger Hunt, decorating a pennant, writing a letter to their university of choice requesting information and interviewing a college graduate. Activities during the week will continue to be planned to bring higher education to the front of our students' minds and future plans

Field trips

Steadham field trips reflect an instructional focus, and emphasis on literature, science, or the arts. Two field trips (one in the fall/one in the spring) per grade level will be approved. Remember to complete all required volunteer background forms, so you do not miss an opportunity to attend.

Let's hear it for spirit

Steadham spirit nights are a way to raise funds for the school and to foster a spirit of family among Steadham families while dining.  Please join us as often as you can to help benefit Steadham! 

Read read read

Please remember that your child should read at least 20 minutes each day and at least twice a week.  Let your child read to you or an older sibling.  Reading aloud is a great way to improve your child's reading ability.

Box Tops

Box Tops for Education is sponsored by General Mills.  This program helps schools earn cash for books, computers and playground equipment.  We would appreciate parents and grandparents clipping their Box Tops and sending them to the school office. 

Steadham spirit

Each Friday Steadham students and staff show their eagle spirit by wearing Steadham spirit wear. 

Eagle eyes

Eagle Eyes are slips of paper passed out to Steadham students by staff members.  A student can earn an Eagle Eye for many reasons. (Example: being kind and considerate to others, using hallway manners.)  The child places their name on the Eagle Eye and returns it to the Eagle Eye bucket in the cafeteria.  Mrs. Hobbs will draw a name out of the bucket from each grade level every Friday for a free ice-cream!

Eagles of excellence

The Eagles of Excellence Award is given each semester to 2-6 children out of every homeroom class.  The award is given to a child that exhibits exceptional good behavior and excellent academic effort.