School supplies


2022-23 GISD Elementary
School Supplies List

Number Item 
24 count #2 Pencils
2 packs - 8 count each  Washable Markers
2 boxes - 24 count each Crayons
1 package Black Expo dry erase markers with eraser
6 Large Glue Sticks
1 Scissors
4 Folder with pockets & brads
2 Grades PK-1: MEAD Primary Journal K-2

1 package

Grades 2-5: Notebook paper - wide ruled
4 Grades 2-5:  Composition/Spiral notebook, wide-ruled
2 Grades 3-5: Graph Paper Packets
1 Grades 3-5: Package of Highlighters 
1 package White or manila construction paper
1 package Colored construction paper
2 Large box of facial tissue
1 Pencil bag or supply box
1 set Headphones/earbuds in a baggie labeled with student name
2 12oz. bottles of hand sanitizer 
1 Clorox wipes or sanitizing wipes
1 box Ziploc sandwiches baggies- GIRLS ONLY
1 box Ziploc gallon size baggies- BOYS ONLY
1 Personal Water Bottle
Backpack filled with various school supplies

2022-23 Stephens Elementary

Pre-K School Supplies List


1- backpack (no wheels)
2- plastic folders with brads and pockets (any color)
2- boxes of Kleenex
4- boxes of Crayola crayons
1- bottle of Elmer’s glue (4oz)
1- pack of pencils
12 - glue sticks (small)
1- watercolors
1- scissors
1- 3-ring pencil pouch
1- pkg. large colored construction paper
1- pkg. large manila paper
1- 10 pack of sheet protectors
4 pack of playdough (assorted colors)
2- thin dry erase markers
2- thin highlighters
1-paper lunch bags
1- tub of Clorox or Lysol wipes
1- bottle of hand sanitizer
1- shoe box to store materials
1-box Ziploc quart size (boys only)
1-box Ziploc gallon size (girls only)

Each student will need a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag labeled with their name, including underwear and socks (items must stay in backpack at all times)