Physical education

Welcome to Stephens elementary physical education

Meet our lead Physical Education Instructor, Tina Crouse. 

Elementary students holding a large colorful parachute in PE class.


Physical Education is an integral component of a balanced educational program and foundation to maintain lifetime wellness. 

Physical education instruction provides content aligned with practical and challenging fitness-related instruction; teaching relevant knowledge and skills to enable students to achieve a physically active and healthy lifestyle for a lifetime after high school.  The program of study focuses on content-related planning and managing fitness-related activities that align to the state required Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative.    

Class expectations 

  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind

  • Be Active 

  • Be prepared for class, tennis shoes, water bottle, appropriate clothing

Medical concerns should be discussed with our school nurse and/or noted on the medical information forms available in the front office. Together we can work to provide the best possible Physical Education experience for your child.


Coordinated school health programs

Garland Independent School District uses the CATCH program in the elementary school setting to promote the coordinated approach to child health.  Stephens Elementary is a CATCH School. 

For over 25 years, the CATCH platform has been proven to launch kids and communities toward healthier lifestyles. Originators of “GO, SLOW and WHOA” food categories, CATCH is the most cost effective means of preventing childhood obesity, in an environment that is fun and easy to sustain.  Please visit the CATCH website for more information on how we will create a healthier school environment for all students.

  • Motor Skills Development

  • Influence moral development, leadership, and how to communicate and cooperate with others

During the school year we participate in a variety of programs to further enhance our educational experience. 

  • Fuel Up to Play 60,
  • Fitness Gram 
  • Kids Heart Challenge
  • Box Tops for Education
Play 60 is a great program for kids to learn how to be fit and healthy!
Nutrition education for students