School spirit & history

The history Of Ettie E. Toler Elementary

Toler Elementary received it's name in honor of Ettie E. Toler. Ettie Toler was born in 1895. She began teaching in 1917. She taught in the Dallas and Collin County area from 1918 until 1960, when she retired. Even after retirement, she substitute taught in the Garland School District until 1971, the year she passed away. Because of her great influence, five of her nieces and nephews became teachers. In honor of her memory, her family thought it was appropriate to have a school named after her. Toler Elementary School opened in 1976.

School colors

Blue and Red

School mascot


School motto

Toler Texans walk to the beat
  • Be responsible
  • Eager to learn
  • Always do your best
  • Treat others with respect