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Classical Center @ Vial's history

Helen C. Vial Elementary first opened its doors for the 1973-1974 school year under the leadership of Principal Mr. Boone Wilkins. The first students to walk through the hallways of Vial were proud and excited to wear the school colors of black and red, and to be the first group of "Vial Vikings".

Cathy Lawler, Vial's current computer lab teacher interviewed Dallas lawyer Mr. Robert G. Vial to find out more about the history of Vial Elementary. He was the perfect person to interview because the school is built on land that he donated to the school district. Mr. Vial was approached by his longtime friend and head of the Garland school board, Carl Luna, about donating land for a school that needed to be built on the south side of Garland. Mr. Vial saw a great opportunity to honor his mother, Helen. C. Vial (1900-1999) and agreed to donate the much needed land. It just so happened that Mrs. Helen C. Vial had been a 4th grade teacher for 20 years before her retirement. Mr. Vial felt the school would be a perfect way to honor his mother's passion and commitment for the education of young children.

Mr. Vial also shared some interesting and little known facts about land surrounding the current location of Vial. During the 1870's, there was a stagecoach station on the land. Across from Vial is Duck Creek. The McGough family once owned much of this land. Mrs. Bobby McGough was known throughout the community as the "Elephant Lady". This nickname was quite justified as Mrs. McGough took care of the elephants that performed in the infamous Ringling Brother's Circus.

Classical Center @ Vial today

Vial Elementary became the Classical Center @ Vial in the 2001-2002 school year.

The Classical Center places a special emphasis on teaching the fundamental skills and strategies needed in reading, writing, and mathematics. Students develop and use these skills and strategies as they acquire a core of essential knowledge about the world through the study of social studies, science, literature, and fine arts. Our campus offers a wide variety of curriculum opportunities to meet the needs and interests of each child. The performing arts are integrated into the curriculum with drama and art. A concentration of classical literature and phonemic awareness makes the English language block at each grade level invaluable for the future years in school and life.

Education at the Classical Center will produce well-rounded students who have a renewed sense of patriotism and realize the importance of leadership in today’s complex world. Drama and speech will enhance the student’s oratory skills.

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