Fourth grade

Meet the fourth grade team

  Mrs. Hoyt, Mrs. Parscale, Ms. Ridge, Ms. Guardiola, Mr. Sanchez

Communication with teachers

Communication between parents and teachers is crucial and critical for school success. We encourage parents to contact their child's teacher at any time. Parents can use email. Use the information in the STAFF tab to locate your child's teacher's email address. Please allow 24 hours for an email response. 

Parents can also call teachers. Parents can call during the school day. Messages will be left with teachers as to not interrupt instruction. Fourth grade teachers are more accessible via phone during their conference period. 

Lunch with students

The campus is closed to visitors at this time. 

Shoes for PE

We encourage students to wear tennis shoes for their PE days. The gym floors can be slick, and safety is important to us.

When does my student go to PE?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Hoyt A/ Guadiola A Parscale A / Sanchez A Parscale A/ Sanchez A Parscale B/ Sanchez B Parscale B / Sanchez B
Westbrook Hoyt B / Guadiola B Westbrook Hoyt A/ Guadiola A Hoyt B / Guadiola B