Parent Involvement Policy





Classical Center at Vial

Parent Involvement Policy


Vision Statement

Inspire others to lead everywhere, every day.


Mission Statement

We learn. We care. We lead.


An annual meeting will be held to inform parents of the school’s participation in Title I, to explain the Title I requirements, and the right of parents to be involved.  Classical Center at Vial will invite all parents and will encourage them to attend. 


The Annual Title I Meeting for the 2018-2019 school year will be held on:

September 13 from 5:45 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. prior to the September PTA meeting.


Parents will be involved in the planning, review, and improvement of the school’s parental involvement policy and in the development of the school-wide program in an organized, ongoing, and timely way.

Volunteers will be recruited to serve on the Campus Improvement Team (CIT) and Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The CIT will be responsible for the joint development of the school-wide plan and the PAC will be responsible for the joint development of the Parental Involvement Policy.

 The CIT will meet three times each semester to address campus needs as they relate to the school-wide plan

Parents will be given the opportunity to comment on the school-wide plan and Parental Involvement Policy when they are made public to the community.

An annual review, evaluation, and revision of the Parental Involvement Policy and school-wide plan will occur in the spring semester and will include parents through surveys as well as the CIT. The meetings will take place on the following days:

o   September 14, 2018      8:15 a.m.

o   November 1, 2018         8:15 a.m.

o   December 13, 2019       8:15 a.m.

o   January 31, 2019           8:15 a.m.

o   March 7, 2019                8:15 a.m.

o   May 2, 2019                    8:15 a.m.

All information about the Classical Center at Vial’s Title I programs will be provided to parents in a uniform format, in English and Spanish, to meet the needs of our school community.  Upon request, parents with disabilities will be provided information in alternative formats whenever reasonably possible.  Information will be provided in the following ways:

Phone calls

School memos and teacher newsletters

 Automated call-out system (Skylert)

School meetings

Campus web page



Information provided to parents about the Title I programs includes a description and explanation of the school’s curriculum, assessments, and achievement levels which children are expected to reach.  The school will give parents this information in the following ways:

The annual Title I meeting

School-wide parent teacher conferences during Fall and Spring semesters, and individually scheduled as needed

Parent contact via phone calls and emails

Title I meetings and Family Nights throughout the year

Tuesday folders

Weekly classroom/grade level newsletters

PTA meetings/Parent Information-Involvement Nights

Meet the Teacher Night

Progress reports

Report cards

Each parent will be provided a report about their child’s performance on the State assessment in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science.



Opportunities for regular meetings for parents to give suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions about the education of their children will be provided at the parent’s request.  The school will respond to any such suggestions as soon as practicably possible.  Parents who make requests will be given the opportunity to meet:

Through prearranged meetings with the Title I Parent Involvement Liaison, Roberto Diaz, 972-240-3710.

Through meetings with the student’s teacher which may include the Title I Parent Involvement Liaison, the Principal, and other staff as appropriate.

Through meetings with the Student Support Team.



Classical Center at Vial will give the district any written parent comments if the school-wide plan is not satisfactory to parents of children attending the Classical Center at Vial.

Parents of children attending the Classical Center at Vial may submit comments in writing to their child’s teacher, the Title I Parent Involvement Liaison, or the Principal.



Classical Center at Vial will help parents better understand the state and district standards, the assessments and how to monitor their child’s progress in the following ways:


Materials and training to help parents work with their child will be provided in the following ways.

Library and Internet-based curriculum resources


Family Nights

Teacher communications with parents  

Information sent to parents in Thursday folders

Monitoring of their child’s progress is available in the following ways:

Online gradebook

Thursday folders

Progress reports

Report cards

Parent-Teacher contacts (phone, e-mail, meetings)



Professional development for teachers, Principals, and other school staff will be provided, with input from the Classical Center at Vial community, in the following areas:

The value of working with parents

How to reach out to and communicate effectively with parents

How to implement and coordinate parent involvement to increase student achievement



The campus Parent Involvement Liaison will make sure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent in a format that parents can easily understand in English and Spanish.

Copies of flyers, phone messages, and other notices will be kept as documentation by the Title I Parent Involvement Liaison.



Reasonable support for parental involvement activities will be provided.

Funds set aside for parental involvement will be spent on the agreed upon activities.

Materials will be provided when possible.



Community organizations and business are encouraged to participate in parental involvement activities.

Recruit local businesses to volunteer on our Campus Improvement Team

Form partnerships with organizations and businesses through the GEF (Garland Education Foundation)


The Classical Center at Vial is committed to the success of all students.  We will work together with parents to make sure our Title 1 program is effective in developing students who achieve academically, culturally and socially.






Parent-Student-School Learning Compact

Classical Center at Vial



As a parent, I agree to:

  • Make sure my child is ready to learn every day.
  • Make sure my child completes all school work.

·         Balance my child's learning time with leisure pursuits such as TV, video games, and sports on school days.

·         Know what my child needs to learn to be successful at each grade.

·         Communicate regularly with my child’s teacher.

·         Continue to support my child throughout the year.


Parent Signature __________________________________   Date_______



As a student, I agree to:

  • Come to school enthusiastic and ready to learn every day.
  • Respect my parents, staff members, and classmates.
  • Complete all my school work using my best effort.
  • Balance my learning time with leisure activities such as TV, video games, and sports on school days.
  • Ask for help when I am having trouble.


Student Signature ______________________________Date _______ 



As a staff member, I agree to:

  • Come to school enthusiastic and ready to help our students succeed every day.
  • Respect my students, their parents, our community, and my colleagues.
  • Expect and challenge all students to learn at a rigorous, high level of thinking, and make connections with learning to real world applications.
  • Collaborate with other staff members to ensure the Classical Center at Vial is a safe and effective environment.
  • Increase our communication with parents to celebrate student successes.
  • Seek resources and assistance for a child who is struggling with learning or having difficulty in school.
  • Continue my development of professional skills.


Staff Member Signature ___________________________ Date________