Pik My Kid app

We're excited to announce our transition to PikMyKid. This new app will help us provide our students with one of the safest dismissal processes. As a campus that has 24 buses, between 17-20 daycares, and over 200 kids that dismiss as porch or walkers, you can only imagine the many things that can go wrong. With our obligation to provide a safer dismissal during such times the transition to this new app is timely. PikMyKid will change the dynamics of our previous after school duties and all students will be dismissed directly from their classrooms come rain, snow, or shine. Goodbye to all those office messages with last-minute changes. All dismissal arrangements are updated and tracked by this incredible program. It's easy to use but will require some training. (It will be provided next week.) Parent communication about this will begin to go out this week and will be followed with ongoing information, communication, and videos about the new program.