Policies & procedures


If your child is absent, please send a note to the school upon their return. Notes should be given to their homeroom teacher. The note should be from the parent/guardian or physician.

Regular attendance is essential for your child to achieve and learn at their maximum potential and is required by state law.

Student medication

All medication will be kept in the clinic. Medication brought to school by a student must be prescribed by a physician, and in the original packaging. Over-the-counter medication must also be taken to the clinic, and accompanied by a note from the physician with specific directions. Students may not carry over-the-counter medication to the classroom.

Lunch procedures

Food from home must be sent with students in the morning. No midday meal drop off will be allowed.

(Per the GISD Reopening School Instructional Guidebook, pages 36-37)

Parents, we welcome you to come have lunch with your child on Fridays as well as your child's birthday. There are separate tables in front of the stage where you may sit with your child.

Dress code

Walnut Glen Academy follows the district dress code. Students cannot wear flip-flops, and shorts/skirts may not be higher than their fingertips when their arms are extended by their side. Shirts should have straps of at least 3-fingers width. Students also need to wear sneakers on the days they attend PE. Please put your child's name on coats, sweaters, backpacks, and lunch boxes.

Drop-off and pick-up


The final school bell rings at 8:10 am. It can be very congested at school in the mornings after 7:30 a.m. Please make it a point to have your child at school prior to the 8:10 a.m. bell. This allows your child to get to the classroom on time.

Please drop-off your child in the front of the school. If it is after 8:15 a.m., the student must come in through the front door and pick up at tardy slip from the office. After 8:20 a.m. it is considered a partial day absence. A student must be in the classroom by 8:15 a.m. to avoid a tardy. Tardies, according to GISD policy, will be reflected on the report card whether they are excused or unexcused. Excessive tardies have an adverse effect on school performance.

  • Kinder, 1st , and 2nd graders should be picked up at the front along with 3rd through 5th grade siblings.
  • 3rd through 5th grade car riders are picked up by the gym.
  • Bus and daycare students are picked up by the portables.

Bus students

Please send a note to the office if your child will not be riding the school bus home. It is imperative to receive this communication as early as possible in order to ensure timely delivery of the message. Parent phone calls are also accepted, provided they are received by 2:45. As always, for safety and security purposes, please be prepared to provide your student's ID number.

Families and communication

Parent communication from school

On Thursday of each week a folder containing important information relating to assignments and activities is sent home with every child. Please sign the folder and return it the following day.

School visitors

All visitors must sign in at the office to receive a visitor badge. Our district policy cites that all staff have been instructed to stop anyone without a visitor's badge.

Grade book assistance

We encourage our parents to monitor their student's grades. If you need assistance with accessing your student's grades through Skyward or need to learn how to set up your personal Grade book accounts, you may contact the school or use the email GISD Grade book Help Managers at gradebookhelp@garlandisd.net.

Online Student Services requests

Do you need to enroll your child, request a transfer, or request a transcript? It's easy to start common processes at home. Visit the Online Student Services page to get started. 

Upcoming instructional model change selection period will be November 9- November 13, 2020.  New choice effective date will start January 5, 2021.

If you have additional questions, please contact the campus data clerk.

District policies

To support our mission of providing an exceptional education to all students, we have created policies designed to help your student have the best possible education experience.

Visit the Policies page on the district website for additional polices and related information.

Campus Improvement Plan

A Campus Improvement Plan serves as te blueprint for how a campus will address performance objectives and other campus needs that have been identified from a Campus Needs Assessment.

Title I

The Campus Parent Involvement Policy explains how our campus supports the important role of parents in the education of their children. We offer a Parent Compact to establish a partnership among parents, school staff, and students for improving student academic achievement.

Campus Parent Involvement Policy

Parent Compact

Parent Compact (Spanish)