Librarian:Rebekah Willis - @bekahloo6

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Willis is here to help you and your child with their library needs. Please make sure your student is returning books on time and keeping up with books checked out.

Summer Reading

Don't let those summer months pass by without a good book in your hand!! Check out the amazing summer reading programs available in our area AND get info on Mrs. Willis' @Bekahloo6 WGA Summer Reading Challenge!!

Amazing library spotlight

Our library recently added 12 brand new chrome books for students to use in all sorts of exciting ways. Our amazing 5th graders have been using them to research for their up coming non fiction books.

students working in the library

Mrs. Willis has been working hard (rearranging, organizing, decluttering) in order to make our library even more student friendly than it already was. She added a student self-checkout allowing all of our readers to get new books whenever they need. A brand new student reading area has been added with a huge comfy rug to lay on, as well as several bean bag chairs for students to relax on and enjoy while they read.

students in the library

Instructional Focus:

  • K: Understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry.
  • 1st: Analyze, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the author's purpose.
  • 2nd: Understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of drama and poetry.
  • 3rd: Describe the characteristics of various forms of poetry and how they create imagery.
  • 4th: Identify and analyze how an author's use of language appeals to the senses, creates imagery, and suggests mood.
  • 5th: Understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry and provide evidence from text to support their understanding.

Tips for parents:

Read at home with your student as much as possible. Research shows that reading for 20 minutes a day at home can have a significant impact on a student’s educational outcome.

Texas Bluebonnet Award

Students in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are encouraged to be a part of the Texas Bluebonnet Club. To participate in the Bluebonnet club, students will read at least 5 of the nominees and complete an online book response. The book response must be completed in order to earn credit for that book. You can read them all, but you only have to complete 5 book responses. All responses are due by January 25th.

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