The Walnut Glen Academy PTA thrives with the strong support from our parents and teachers. We encourage you to join the WGA PTA so that you may be able to play an essential role in the education of your student and their teachers.

Are you a member?

All students who have a family member join will be invited to our First Ever Membership Party! Be watching for a membership form and party details coming home soon!

Memberships are $10 per person and can be parents, grandparents, teachers, even current students and alumni.

Join Walnut Glen Academy's PTA and be a part of your child's education.

You belong in PTA. Top 3 reasons for joining Walnut Glen Academy's PTA.

  1. Being a part of the PTA helps your child. Even if you help just an hour here and there it makes a big difference in your child's life. Research has shown that children do better in school when their parents are involved at both home and school.
  2. Every membership helps! Every member is counted and helps in a local and national effort to improve the education, health and welfare of every child.
  3. Get connected! When you join the PTA you get connected with the school, the staff, and other parents. Let your voice be heard!

Joining the PTA does not obligate you to volunteer at school or attend PTA meetings...but we hope to see you throughout the year.

PTA contacts

Would you like to ask a question to someone in our PTA, but just don't know who to contact?

Here is a compiled list of our wonderful PTA reps, their roles, and how to contact them.

Stay up-to-date with the Walnut Glen Academy PTA by following our Facebook page.