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Our mission

We prepare students for the future by providing innovative experiences, building positive relationships, and creating motivated learners. 

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We are dedicated to providing students with innovative experiences outside the core curriculum that expose them to additional science, technology, engineering, arts, & mathematics content. STEAMschool allows students to engage with content and experiences that stimulate creativity and connect to real world learning.

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Our 2020-21 School operations page has information and resources to support you during the 2020-2021 school year. 


Recent News

Residents at Brookdale with Watson Wildcat Kindergartners

Watson Kindergartners travel to Brookdale Senior Living Center virtually through a recording where they spread Christmas joy and love through a Christmas musical. 

Fourth Grader delivers presents for children in need during their Kid to Kid Service Project.

Our Fourth Graders participated in a Kid to Kid PBL where they earned money, created a budget, and learned an important lesson on empathy and giving back to their community. 

Miss Thompson and her family dressed in traditional Hispanic clothing and celebrate their Hispanic heritage.

Celebrate the art, culture, and music that help to make our Hispanic Watson Wildcats the amazing people they are. 


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Academic field trips
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