School spirit & history

History of Ferris Watson Elementary

Original Watson students

Ferris Watson Elementary school opened in 1957. At the time of the opening Dr Glen Couch was the Superintendent and Clayborne Glaze was the Principal.

Watson Elementary got its name from the Watson Family. Walter and Hayward Watson donated the land for the school and the school was named after their father, Ferris.

In 1997, Watson was renovated and became Watson Technology Center for Math & Science. You can hear our former and current principals talk about what makes Watson such a unique school in this news story.

Watson has had twelve principals since its opening;

  • Claybrone Glaze 1957-1962
  • Dr. Robert B. Sewell 1962-1963
  • Cecil Webb 1963-1964
  • Don Blevins 1964-1972
  • H.E. Wickersham 1972-1973
  • Bill Nix 1973-1982
  • Frank Reid 1982-1990
  • Patrece Ware 1990-1996
  • Jenny Johnson (Roberson) 1996-2015
  • Chris Grey 2015 - 2018
  • Lakisha Culpepper 2018-2019
  • Adrian Leday 2019-2023
  • Gina Makidon 2023-present

School colors

Royal Blue and White

School mascot


This is a picture of our Watson Wildcat mascot.