Fourth grade

Our 2023-2024 Fourth Grade Team

Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Ziviski, Ms. Robles, Mrs. Cruz, and Mrs. Kyle

Successful Settlements PBL--

Objective: Students will be able to create a comprehensive presentation showcasing their 3D settlement projects, including thorough explanations of the settlements' design and justification for their chosen locations and resources needed to support the settlement's functionality. 

Success Criteria:

  1. Students will identify and list the specific resources needed to support the settlement's functionality.

  2. Students will write a short essay to other settlers persuading them to join their chosen settlement location considering geographical features, access to resources, and other amenities.

  3. Students will create a 3D model of their settlement, accurately representing the design elements discussed in class.

  4. Students will prepare a detailed quick view of the settlement's design, including the layout, infrastructure, and amenities.

  5. Students will effectively present their comprehensive 3D settlement projects to their peers, demonstrating confidence and clarity in their explanations.

Assessment Measures:

  1. Students will submit a written document that includes a detailed explanation of the settlement's design, justification for the chosen location, and a list of required resources.

  2. Students will give an oral presentation of their 3D settlement projects to the class, showcasing their understanding of the design elements, location justification, and resource requirements.

  3. Students will engage in a peer review process, where they visit other settlements and choose a settlement they would like to join in each class according to their settlement persuasive writing, 3D model project, and quick view.