Watson--Where the Wildcats are, a school rich in tradition and roaring towards the future

Watson Math and Science Technology Center is a unique school rich in many great traditions which we hold dear to our hearts. We value and respect the great work that our former principals, teachers, and Watson families poured into our school to make it what it is today. We want to share with you what makes Watson special--a little bit about how Watson's Math and Science Technology program started and a look forward to our hopes and dreams for our future successes. Watson will always be a school that continues to seek innovative and exciting opportunities for our Watson Wildcats to enjoy real world experiences, form positive relationships, and develop motivated learners who will go out and make our world a better place. 

Here is our former principal, Mrs. Jenny Roberson, sharing the history of Watson with you. Mrs. Roberson was our principal here at Watson from 1996-2015. She left a very special mark on Watson, and we will forever be grateful for her positive influence on our campus. 

Here is another former principal, Mr. Chris Grey, sharing about his time at Watson. Mr. Grey was our principal from 2015-2018. He was our champion of innovative experiences and forward thinking, and we will forever be indebted to him for the passion and excitement he brought to our campus. 

Here is another former principal, Mrs. Lakisha Culpepper highlighting her hopes and dreams for Watson MST. Mrs. Culpepper was our principal from 2018-2019. She was always looking forward to the endless possibilities that our campus holds for the future and left her own incredible mark on our campus.

Finally, here is our current principal, Dr. Adrian Leday. Dr. Leday leads our Wildcats with grace and class, while striving for a family environment where we take care of one another. Leading by example, he helps us strive to be all that we can be here at Watson MST.