Red Ribbon Week October 28- Nov 1

The red ribbon celebration starts with the smallest gesture: a child pinning a Red Ribbon on clothing, wearing a Red wristband, displays of Red Ribbon banners, and communities hosting Red Ribbon family events. Through these simple acts millions of Americans show they are united to be drug free.

Monday, Oct. 28 “Don’t Let Drugs Destroy Your Dreams”

Wear your pajamas. Estudiantes pueden usar su pijama.

Talk, write, or draw about your dreams for the future!

“No Dejes Que Las Drogas Destruyan Tus Sueños.”

Tuesday, Oct. 29 “Drugs Damage Your Thoughts. Be Kind to Your Mind.”

Wear interesting hats or hairstyles.

“Las drogas dañan sus pensamientos. Sé amable con tu mente.”

Usa sombreros o peinados interesantes.

Wednesday, Oct. 30 “Stay Healthy and Strong. Using Drugs Will Do You Wrong. ”

Wear your favorite team shirt/jersey or sports outfit.

“Manténgase saludable y fuerte. El uso de drogas te hará mal.”

Use su camiseta/jersey de equipo or traje de deporte favorito.

Thursday, Oct. 31 “Drugs are dumb. Costumes are fun.”

Wear your favorite Character Costume! Must be appropriate for school..

“Drogas son tontas. Disfraces son divertidos!”

Usen su traje de personaje favorite! Debe ser apropiado para la escuela

Friday, Nov. 1 “Red Ribbon Week Wrap Up! Wear Red Instead!!”

Wear all the red clothing and accessories possible

“La Semana de La Cinta Roja Termina! Use Ropa Roja!”

Use toda la ropa roja y accesorios posibles.