Clear Bag Policy

To help ensure a safe and respectful environment for guests, Garland ISD has put into effect a Clear Bag Policy for all GISD middle and high school athletic events and fine arts performances.  

Learn more on our Clear Bag Policy page.

Girls' athletics

Athletic Director/Coach: Valatisha Jacinto
Assistant Coach: Heather Cohen
Assistant Coach: Aaron Flick

Sports on campus

  • volleyball (Fall semester)
  • basketball (Fall/Spring Semester)
  • track (Spring semester)
  • soccer (Spring Semester)

Boys' athletics

Athletic Director/Coach: Sherrard Brooks
Assistant Coach: Jake Smith
Assistant Coach: Timothy Shields
Assistant Coach: Mareco Edwards

Sports on campus

  • football (Fall Semester)
  • basketball (Fall/Spring semester)
  • track (Spring Semester)
  • soccer (Spring Semester)

For more Athletics information be sure to check out the Webb Athletics' website .