Campus Activities

College Mondays

Staff and students can wear jeans with a college t-shirt on Mondays. We love to encourage our students to be future ready.

Student Recognition: Principal's 100 Club

The Principal’s 100 Club is a chance for every student to get recognized for positive behavior.  Teachers and staff will submit a nomination form.  Any student who is recognized will have his or her name announced on morning announcements the following day.  The student will also receive a prize and have his or her picture taken.  Students will draw a number between 1-100 and have their picture placed in that spot on the 100 chart.  When a row of 10 is completed on the 100 chart, those 10 students will participate in a special celebration.

Student recognition: principal's 100 chart


Student safety patrol

Fifth Grade students put on their safety vests to greet their classmates at the drop off curb. Their goal is to help them safely and swiftly get off the vehicle. This leadership program is headed by Assistant Principal, Mr. Ruben Lopez.

Safety patrol student opening car doors for students.
Safety patrol student opening car doors for students


Annual events

Family art night

Students are joined by their parents to create fun art projects. Mrs. Farris creates different art stations for painting, drawing, and printing. This year we had dozens of families participate. 

Parents and Students working hard at Art Night
Student displaying art work.
Student is displaying art work
Students displaying artwork with parent
Parent and students displaying art cutout project
Student is displaying artwork

Math Night Activities

Grab and Go Math games

Right after our Spring Parent Teacher conferences, students had the opportunity to come by the cafeteria and learn some fun and exciting ways to learn math and have the chance to take home the materials needed to play. Students enjoyed playing against their teachers, admin as well as their peers.

Two students working at a desk

Canned food drive

Ms. Gelling's class donated over 650 can for the canned food drive

During the months of October and Novemeber, students are able to bring in canned goods collected for people in our community in need. The support is always tremendous. This year was no different. We plan to continue to help every year for those in need. We held a competition between classes to see who could bring the most and earn a pizza party. Ms. Gelling's 2nd grade class donated over 650 items to help those less fortunate. This is great example of giving to others! Way to go Ms. Gelling's Class!

American Heart Association

Cafeteria manager posing in front of heart
teacher posing in front of heart

Every February, our campus brings awareness to heart disease by selling the famous red shirts. All the profits go to the American Heart Association.