Campus activities

Coding club

holding beads connected with string with thumbs up
entire group of students holding up their bead strands
group of boys holding up their strands

This year’s Fourth and Fifth Grade students have a unique opportunity to learn 21st century skills and have fun at the same time. Students learn about all kinds of computer coding through through a variety of computer-based and “unplugged” activities. These activities teach the students how to think critically and learn from their mistakes. Coders can earn badges and create personalized projects to showcase their coding skills.

College Mondays

Staff and students can wear jeans with a college t-shirt on Mondays. We love to encourage our students to be future ready.

Imagine Learning mornings

Students can come in to the lab at 7:35 a.m. to work on Imagine Learning for twenty minutes before school starts. This allows them to get extra practice in the program. Home access is also available by going to the Imagine Learning website. Students can use the same credentials as in school to log in.

Student safety patrol

Fourth and Fifth Grade students put on their safety vests to greet their classmates at the drop off curb. Their goal is to help them safely and swiftly get off the vehicle. This leadership program is headed by our counselor, Brittany McCay

Student emotional learning

student shaking hands with teacher
student hugging teacher
student choosing to high five teacher

Here at Williams Elementary we use SEL or Social Emotional Learning strategies to help our students learn and grow.  We start with our three signature practices: a door greeting as our Welcoming Ritual, turn and talk with a partner throughout the day as our Engaging Practice, and sharing something positive from the day or something we learned as our Optimistic Closure.  It is so fun to get to see students come into school to give their teacher a handshake, hug, fist bump, or even to do a little dance together. The students love it.

Annual events

Family art night

Charleen and mom working on art project.
Father and daughter working on art project.
Third grade girl and father working on art project.
Mother, father, and daughter posing with art props.
Mintzlaff daughter and mother posing with art props.
Families working on three different tables with art tools.
Sister and brother pose with dad with art props.
Beltran mom and daughter pose with art project.
Father posing with two daughters using art props.
Guerra mom and daughter.
Record family; mom, son, and dad working on art project.
Three boys and two girls pose with mom using art props.
Mintzlaff daughter and mother drawing while seating at a yellow lined table.

Students are joined by their parents to create fun art projects. Mrs. Farris creates different art stations for painting, drawing, and printing. Last November, we had dozens of families participate. 

Canned food drive

canned goods in boxes

During the months of November and December, students bring in canned goods collected for people in our community in need. The support is always tremendous. Last year was no different. We plan to continue to help this year for those in need.

American Heart Association

Cafeteria manager posing in front of heart
teacher posing in front of heart

Every February, our campus brings awareness to heart disease by selling the famous red shirts. All the profits go to the American Heart Association.